• Dates in a week

    I have a report comparing performance between 2 different weeks. I allow the 2 weeks to be selected in format YYYYww. Once selected, I would like to display the date range for the week selected eg.   2015 04 w...
    Richard Chilvers
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  • Useful Qlikview Macros

    Hope the below macro scripts helps beginners Source : QlikView Macros – Useful collection | Lucian Cotea   1) Run external program: FUNCTION RunExe(cmd) CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Exec(cmd) END FUNCTION...
    jagan mohan
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  • accumulate in straight table

    i have a table A in which i have my sales et sales of product A per date.   date sales product A 01/01/2015 100 50 02/01/2015 101 51 03/01/2015 102 52 04/01/2015 103 53 05/01/2015 104 54 06/01/2015 105 55 07/...
    xia ZHU
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  • How can I prevent line reducing in a table?

    Hey community   I like to have three columns as in the first table. Column Date/time is a measure, where I need to use colors for the background. The other columns are dimensions.   The filter is set to sm...
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  • Common Script to Concatenate similar QVDs from same folder?

    Hi All.   I have a common folder, where I have multiple QVDs in this format: Fact1_Jan14, Fact1_Feb14, Fact1_Mar14.......Fact1_Dec14. Fact2_Jan14, Fact2_Feb14, Fact2_Mar14.......Fact2_Dec14. Fact3_Jan14, ...
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  • Login Credentials Access Point

    Hello guys,   I'm having a problem with the login on the access point with Google Chrome. When I login to the access point's URL of the QVS, it asks me to fill the user / password credentials. This is for users ...
    created by RobbieWottie
  • SQL - Curso

    Podem indicar curso de SQL ? Algum bom curso online de SQL ?   Obrigado.
    tiago oliveira
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  • Pie chart

    Complements of the season Gurus,   Kindly assist by combining my two pie charts in the attachment.   Best regards   Harrison
    Harrison Chisonga
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  • Using variables in expression of Pie Chart

    HI everyone, I have made a Pie Chart displaying avg(salary) i have made three buttons 'Avg' , 'Min' , "Max' which set variable 'vSet' as 'Avg' 'Min' & 'Max' accordingly. i want the expression to b written as vS...
    Tausif Khan
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  • Where not exists()

    Hi Friends,   Can any body explain how qlikview identifying F1 is from tab1 from below code   tab1: LOAD * INLINE [     F1, F2     A, 1     B, 2  &nbs...
    pavan Kumar
    created by pavan Kumar
  • Help needed in sorting expression for bar chart

    Hi All , i have a trend graph on a bar chart , were i am uploading 3 months of data . i would like to sort data on the basis of last uploaded month data. for example : i am uploading data for october , november and ...
    aditya janapala
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  • error in script

    Hi All,   I got an error below highlighted pink colored code...   if(len(RegFromDate)>0 and len(RegToDate)>0, sum(aggr(sum({<REGISTERED_DT_Num={">=$(RegFromDate) <= $(RegToDate)"},STATUS...
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  • Is there any example that works for SDK.NET

    Sorry for the post but I continue to try and try again what you wrote in 'or' Help Qlik Sense for Developers Version: 1.0.2 "but no nothing works without having to make changes !!!   You can post as a trivial ap...
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  • Falha ao carregar dados a partir de função SQL

    Bom dia pessoal. Acho que esta dúvida vai ficar sem resposta mas gostaria de compartilhar só pra desabafar. hehe   Tenho um problema que está me tirando o sono. Desenvolvi uma aplicaç&#...
    Anderson Machado
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  • Expressão IF com imagem

    Bom Dia Pessoal,     gostaria de fazer uma imagem condicional, onde caso a condição seje verdadeira apresente uma bolinha verde e caso falsa uma bolinha vermelha.
    Thiago Santos
    created by Thiago Santos
  • Where Exists() and resident load

    Hi   Have these two tables:   tab1: LOAD * INLINE [     F1, F2     A, 1     B, 2     C, 3     D, 4 ];   tab2: LOAD * INLINE ...
    Robert Svebeck
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  • How dynamically change load?

    I receive files with different structure. First type I load by following script: And for second type of files: Is this possible dynamically change load scripts and use only one QlikView file for this deal. Maybe...
  • How to Get Database Name which we have connected to?

    Hi,   Is there any function available in Qlikview which gives us currently connected Database name?   Attached herewith screenshot for reference. I want to store these values in Variable.     Re...
    Swapnil Kumbhar
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  • help with expression

    Robert Mika thanks for interest..
    Mohammed Awadah
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  • Leds in sheets?

      Hi everybody.   Do you know how to put this leds in the sheets? When i use the seet i dont see the led, only in the non selected sheets.   Thank you   Greetings.
    Jeremias Oro
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