• QlikView and Qlik Sense

    As most of you have noticed – I hope – we have now released a new product.   Qlik Sense.     Qlik Sense is not just a new release of QlikView. Instead it is something different. But there...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Hierarchy of Information

    Not all of your data is equally important. Some things are more important than others. It’s your job as the creator of a guided analytics application to prioritize information, to create a hierarchy for users to...
    Michael Anthony
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  • Recipe for a Pareto Analysis

    “Which products contribute to the first 80% of our turnover?”   This type of question is common in all types of business intelligence. I say “type of question” since it appears in many di...
    Henric Cronström
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  • AJAX and URL parameters

    Sometimes you want QlikView to open with a specific set of selections, apply a bookmark or perhaps even deep link to a specific sheet. A typical use case could be to embed an entire app or a single object inside a CR...
    Alexander Karlsson
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  • Recipe for a Gantt chart

    Have you ever wanted to create a Gantt chart in QlikView, only to find out that this chart type is not one of the pre-defined charts? Then you should be happy to learn that it is possible to create a Gantt chart and t...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Loading Images into QlikView

    As a QlikView developer I am often asked to load images into QlikView. In some instances the images are associated to other data fields and in other instances they are to be loaded in to the application to help convey...
    Charles Bannon
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  • QlikView.Next 0.9 Beta is now available!

    We are delighted to announce the availability of the QlikView.Next 0.9 Beta!   This Beta represents the first step in the exciting journey to the next generation of Business Discovery and we encourage you to do...
    John Callan
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  • Enhancing the User Experience Using Conditional Expressions

    As QlikView developers, one of our main focuses is on the user experience. There are many instances where objects only need to be shown upon the user’s request. An example of this is list boxes (filters). With t...
    Charles Bannon
    created by Charles Bannon
  • Qoncierge - limited coverage during Sydney working hours August 4-21

    From Monday August 4 to Thursday August 21, the Qlik Qoncierge Service will have limited coverage during Sydney working hours and some delays may be experienced. All Regional Support Teams will be collaborating to min...
    Staffan Wessman
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  • Symbol Tables and Bit-Stuffed Pointers

    Today I have a blog post for the Geeks¹. For the hard-core techies that love bits and bytes. The rest of you can stop reading now. For you, there are other interesting posts in the Business Discovery Blog and in ...
    Henric Cronström
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  • AND and OR

    In QlikView, the logic of the selections is always an OR between selections in the same field, and an AND between selections in different fields. Selecting e.g. two products and one customer is very much like the WHER...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Dual & Exists – Useful Functions

    I find that the Dual and Exists functions are useful functions that I often use in my script.  The Dual function allows me to represent a string field numerically, making it ideal for sorting purposes.  The ...
    Jennell McIntire
    created by Jennell McIntire
  • The Qlikosphere, 18 blogs you should follow

    This is part one in a series of blog posts where I will share some of the resources that I use on a daily basis. Today I am going to share some of my bookmarks, specifically blogs. These are some of the most interesti...
    Arturo Muñoz
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  • On the rise of the quantified self

    History is scattered with luminaries who used personal reflection to change their lives. From the personal journal entries of James Boswell to the more scientific daily measurements of Sanctorius Sanctorius, people ha...
    Michael Anthony
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  • QlikView.Next 0.95 Beta is now available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of QlikView.Next 0.95 Beta!   This Beta includes some major new capabilities and represents one step further in the journey to the next generation of Business Discover...
    Irena Calovska
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  • Ideas Redesign in Qlik Community

    Hello Qlik Community Members,   We are in the process of redesigning our Ideas area, the review process and how we gather and use the very valuable information you share with us. The Ideas area, submit an idea a...
    Sara Leslie
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  • Synthetic Keys

    In a well visited post on the community forum, John Witherspoon some time ago asked “Should We Stop Worrying and Love the Synthetic Key?” John’s post begins: “Synthetic keys have a bad reputati...
    Henric Cronström
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  • Macros are Bad

    There are several good reasons not to use macros in QlikView.   First of all, macros are run using Microsoft COM Automation. They will run client-side and work fine if you use the Desktop or the IE PlugIn, which...
  • The Importance Of Being Distinct

    Part of my job as an Enterprise Architect at Qlik is dealing with hardware sizing. There are several factors to take into account to properly size any environment, and one of the most underrated I have found when disc...
    Miguel Angel Baeyens
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  • Why You sometimes should Load a Master Table several times

    How normalized should the QlikView data model be? To what extent should you have the data in several tables so that you avoid having the same information expressed on multiple rows?   Usually as much as possible...
    Henric Cronström
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