The New Points System



With the transition to a new system with new (and different) features, we have revamped the points system.  Here are the activities on the site for which we award points, and the value associated with them:


ActivityNumber of Points
Posting or responding to discussion.1 point
Correctly answered discussion questions.10 points
Helpful responses to discussion questions.5 points
Creating new documents.10 points
Creating new blog posts.10 points
Create idea.10 points
Add comment for idea.2 points
Vote for an idea.1 points


Here are the different point levels and the graphic indicators associated with them:


Point Range
10,000+ Points
3,000 -- 9,999 Points
1,000 -- 2,999 Points
100 -- 999 Points
25 -- 99 Points
2 -- 24 Points
0 -- 1 Point



NOTE: All of your content and activity has been brought over from the old site, and the points have been recalculated to match these values; most people remain close to the same relative "position" as they were on the old site (top users are still on top, new users are still on the bottom, etc.