Working with Graph Data from Neo4j



there are numerous examples of problems which can be handled efficiently by graph databases: A graph is made up of nodes and relationships between nodes (or vertices and edges).


Neo4j is an open-source graph database, implemented in Java. You can read more about it here:


Here are some slides about graph problems and use cases for Neo4j:


Since the Neo4j JDBC driver is available we can use the QlikView JDBC Connector and Cypher - a declarative graph query language - for expressive and efficient querying of the graph data. Take a look into the Cypher documentation to understand the syntax of this human query language, because it is totally different from SQL:


A query result of a sub-graph with Cypher could look like this:



I use the Google Chart API for the graph visualization in QlikView. In a next step this could be replaced by a cool interactive QlikView Extension Object


Used Neo4j sample data:


Don't hesitate to contact me directly for questions on this matter:


- Ralf


Update: New versions of example app QVNeo4j.qvw and Neo4j JDBC driver added.