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Moderated discussions?


Hi all,


today, I posted to a discussion (pretty sure in New to QlikView), and after send, I got following message (translated by me to english):


Please note that your answer has to be approved by a moderator, prior be posted to the forum.


Indeed, my answer didn't show up in the thread.

Haven't noticed so far that we have moderated discussions in here, is this the case?


I am just wondering because this is the first time that I got this message.



  • Moderated discussions?
    John Witherspoon

    I've never seen that message, and doubt that our discussions are moderated except potentially after the fact.  Perhaps you were posting someone different than expected?  Like maybe posting a document would require moderator approval, for instance.  I don't really know.

  • Moderated discussions?
    Sara Leslie

    Hello Stefan and John,


    Thanks for bringing this up. I'm new with the QlikTech Community team and wanted to shed some light on this conversation as well as introduce myself.


    Jason and I oversee the community as a whole and there are some embedded functions which do trigger moderation.


    We get a system generated moderation request for:


    1. New QlikView Documents
    2. Key words identified in our spam filter
      •      Title
      •      Content
      •      Tagging


    I just approved Stefan's post and also took a screen shot. I didn't see any keywords which would have triggered the moderation request here and have sent it over to Jason to help review. Thanks for your patience.


    Best Regards and keep the feedback coming!

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      John Witherspoon

      Another interesting bug - once you approved his post, the email I received said that the post was from you instead of from Stefan.

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      Brian McCullough

      Hi Sara,


      How long should I expect it to take for a moderator to review messages and release/reject them for posting?


      I posted on the 17th and it is now the 23rd and is still marked as 'Awaiting Review'.  Thinking that maybe the message got lost in the queue, I edited it tonight.




      Thanks in advance!

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        Sara Leslie

        Thanks for your response Brian,


        I will check with the team that monitors and approves ideas. I'm sure they are conducting some internal research at this time around your idea.


        Best Regards

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          Brian McCullough

          Thank you for the quick reply Sara.


          I expect this varies in proportion to the workload but...


          Could you estimate the reasonable Review timeframe in our discussion thread?  If people find this thread, they will have the information determine if they just need to be more patient or ought to send a reminder.

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          Is there any news on the subject of this discussion. It happens that messages are moderated and accepted only after a few days and then suddenly appear.


          Part of the power of the community is situated in the fact that often is reacted very quickly to questions from users This advantage is lost when messages are not being displayed quickly and in some cases may appear only days later.


          I think we as a group have a serious problem and that improvement should come in here soon.


          I like to hear what is being done to finish this annoying problem for many group users.





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          Hi Sara,

          I posted a doubt in the community.But, i't not posting into community.I tried this more than twice. Just i'm getting message as

          Please note: your content was added successfully, but a moderator needs to approve it before it can be posted.

          It's almost five hours gone.I posted three posts in the community.But, no thread is showing in the Discussion's forum.

          May i get any help to resolve this.



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    Today, I got another chance to get my posting reviewed by Jason


    Noticed also that my posting was sent to mail list after approval with sender name Jason Long.


    English is obviously not my mother language, but I try hard not to use too many offensive words...

    I am getting curious what in my postings is alerting the spam filter.


    Have a nice day/ evening,




    I just noticed that my approved posting showed the timestamp of the approval by Jason, but was correctly sorted in sequence of posting.


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    Nick Scott


    I recently added a new Qlikview document to QlikCommunity and got a message saying that the content required to be approved by a moderator.  I dont have any notification / pending document.  Is the document being moderated or is it lost?  How can I see the status?


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    Miguel Domingos



    My posts are being moderated again.


    I find my questions very useful for the community.


    Can you not moderate it?