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Forcing selection in listbox according to item selection in other listbox with macro

Louwrie Terblanche





I would really appreciate some help with something im stuck with for a while now.


I came across this thread that has exactly what I want and implemented the macro into my model.

http://community.qlik.com/message/43182#43182  this is where you force a selection in a listbox.

I have two listboxes with codes in that are the same but form two different tables in my model. When you do a selection on one or more items in the one listbox it will cause the items with the same value in the other listbox to be selected. 

I have put in a messagebox in the macro to see if it picks up the selected value and it does – but for some reason it does not select the items in the other listbox.

Macro that I activate with a button as in sample app in link above

SUB GetSelectedValues


     SET fx = ActiveDocument.Fields("Code")              

     SET fy = ActiveDocument.Fields("TransCodeKey")

     SET fyV = fy.GetNoValues 


     FOR i = 0 TO fxV.Count -1                


           fyV(i).Text = fxV(i).Text


           fyV(i).IsNumeric = False


     fy.SelectValues fyV




It works 100% in demo app but am I missing perhaps a setting somewhere in qlikview ? Can it be settings ? the 2 tables of mine are excatly the same - so it cant be that the values are not equal.



Thank you