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Adding a value based on RowNo

Torbjörn Ungvall



I have a pivot table:



The expression for column 1 is:


If(RR2_RowNo=30, Sum(RR_Belopp), Sum(RR_Verksamhetsmål))/1000


But now the customer wants to add the value from column 1, RR2_RowNo 30 (-49 937) to RR2_RowNo10 (270 771+49 937).


Is that possible?


I've tried with:


If(RR2_RowNo=30, Sum(RR_Belopp), If(RR2_RowNo=10, (Sum(RR_Verksamhetsmål)+Sum({$<RR1_RowNo={30}>} RR_Belopp)), RR_Verksamhetsmål))/1000

But that din't help...


Some ideas?




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