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Number format setting 'Expression Default' and Excel export

Sander Goudsblom

Hello all, in a function in a QV application is use the number format 'expression default' in the expression is set the different formats on base of the dimension elements and the num function. This looks like this.



If          ( DimX='1',
If          ( DimX='2',
If      (DimX='3',

When I use the excel export, it gives the figures as a text field and it rounds the figures. When u use the other formats, other than 'expression default' it exports good. It is also going wrong when exporting from the web front-end (IE-Plugin, ajax not tested), then it's exporting the figure without any format


Excel export from desktop application:

2011-06-28 16.2401.gif

the first two as text and the last one is good


Excel export from web front-end:

2011-06-28 16.2802.gif

the first two without any format and the last one good.


Has anyone seen and solved this before? Can you help me please, thanx in advance!