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Partial Sum Totals Error in Pivot Table


Hi All,


I have created a pivot table and I'm using the partial sum total on one dimension from the presentation tab. The problem is the incorrect totals that are coming up. Any suggestions on how to correct the partial sum totals would really be appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

  • Partial Sum Totals Error in Pivot Table

    Pivot tables will evaluate your partial sums as expression total, while you probably expect a sum of rows.


    Please check the Help pages for 'Sum of rows in pivot tables' using advanced aggregation.


    Your expression might need to be changed to something like


    =sum( aggr( sum(Value), TableDimension1, TableDimension2, ...))


    Hope this helps,


    • Partial Sum Totals Error in Pivot Table

      Hi Stefan,


      Thanks for your reply. I have 2 expressions as follows:


      EXP 1) count( value)

      EXP 2) count(value)/count( value2)


      I'm using 2 dimensions. Now, I'm using the partial sums on 1 dimension , just to get the total of my expression 1. So, basically in my pivot table I want to add a Total row showing the expression total.


      I'm not sure where to use the sum expression you stated above.


      thanks. I will really apprecite your reply.

  • Re: Partial Sum Totals Error in Pivot Table

    Can someone help me with this?


    I have almost the same problem. I have an Expression  that is the multiplication of two parts (Part A * part B).
    When I make the sum of my own for the two parts, and then multiply both TOTALS it is correct. But it is not the correct total for the pivot grid.


    This is the Expression

    (Sum(STOCK_AL_CIERRE_AJU)  - Sum(VENTA_AJU) + Sum(CAJAS))     // PART A


    (sum(NIV)/sum( CAJAS)) // PART B



    I only use one Dimension, it is YearMonth.