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How to export QlikView Sheet as an image to PowerPoint?

Uday Kumar

Hi all,


i am able to export the sheet as an image to powerpoint,

but the problem is that, the image is getting truncated after it is exported.

what could be the problem?

can anyone help me in this issue?

Thanks in advance

the code is given below


sub exportppt

Set objPPT = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")

objPPT.Visible = True

Set objPresentation = objPPT.Presentations.Add


Set PPSlide = objPresentation.Slides.Add(1,11)




Set PPSlide = Nothing

Set PPPres = Nothing

Set PPApp = Nothing


End Sub


so it is exporting, but the image is not coming fully, it is getting truncated.

how we can rectify this problem?