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Data model with two similar facts - Please Help!

Sasidhar K



Could anyone look into my issue and provide some inputs. Thanks much in advance for your help.


Curently I've dimensions D1,..D7 and Fact (F1) [Star schema] and I need to bring in another fact F2, which is a subset to the existing F1.


Can I get this keeping the field names same in both F! and F2? Could any one let me know the way to add F2 so that I'll have a star1 as D1..D7 and F1, similarly Star2 as D1-D7 and F2?


I tried using NoConcatinate and it is creating a Synthetic key for all the field existing in F1/F2 as their names are similar. Also I'm getting the error before the load process starts for Fact2 (F2) as below.


SQL##f - SqlState: S0022, Error Code: 904, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle][Oracle]ORA-00904:


I need some help from you.


Kindly advise if you are aware of any solution for the same.


Thanks -