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concatenated fields not clickable?

Foad Reddahi

I have for example 2 tables with following values


State         City                                              concatenated field   

Alabama     Huntsville                                       Alabama, Huntsville

Alabama     Hoover                                           Alabama, Hoover

Alabama     Dothan                                          Alabama, Dothan

Kansas       Topeka                                          Kansas, Topeka

Kansas       Manhattan                                     Kansas, Manhattan  

Kansas       Salina                                           Kansas, Salina

Utah           Salt Lake city                                Utah, Salt Lake city

Utah           Layton                                          Utah, Layton

Utah           Provo                                            Utah, Provo


The problem I have now is that it's not possible to click on the City or State within the Concatenated field.

Is that even possible to click on a value withing a field, meaning If I click on Alabama within the Concatenated field that the 2 other tables change values as well?