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If Then Else with Sum Not Working

Robert Valanzola

Help, I am new to Qlikview and ready to go crazy.


I have SQL and .NET experience and I am trying to do something that is so easy using those tools.


In my QVW document, I have a chart, and within that chart I am trying to build an Expression.


Here is the simple English:


If the rProcedure Class Code field has a value of 'MR', then sum the numeric value of the rUnits field.


Here is the QV syntax.


If([rProcedure Class Code])='MR', Sum(rUnits))


I get an Expression OK, but the If Then Else seems to have no effect on my chart.


If I do not do the If Then Else, and simply sum rUnits, I get desired results.


I also tried doing an UPPER and TRIM, in case there were any extra characters or mixed case characters, with no success. And I checked the table for the existance of 'MR' and it was there. Seems so simple. What am I doing wrong?