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Yojas Samarth

Is it possible to concat two fields in the same table n how?

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    Arun Goel


    yes you can concat two field in dimension or expression using & operator

    Example:   field1 & field2


    here is the attached example:

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      Yojas Samarth

      the first concat field is a1 but i want output as

      row 1:  a

      row 2 : 1

      not a1 then what to do?

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        Arun Goel



        row1 & ':' & row2



        Arun Goel

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          Yojas Samarth

          m nt able to tel u what i want xactly....


          i have 2 different date fields n i want to join master calenders date field to both but i can join it to any 1 field at a time for tat reason i want to join these two date fields and make it as a single field so that i can join it to my master calender date field...... is there ny other way to solve such problem????

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        Chi Hang Wong

        I dont understand  what you try to do...


        Would you please explain more?

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          Arun Goel

          Found the attached file:


          See the calculated dimension and expression of table

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            JATIN KOLHE


            Just concatenate both the Tables




            ID   Date             Date1

            1    11/12/2011    13/12/2011

            2    12/12/2011     14/12/2011




            in qlikview,



            Load ID,Date from Table1.xls;



            Load ID,Date1 as Date from Table2.xls;


            final output:

            ID Date

            1   11/12/2011

            2    12/12/2011

            1    13/12/2011

            2    14/12/2011


            Then join this with master calendar Date field.

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    Hi ,


    what you want to say is concatenating fields means creating a composite

    key then waht arun Goel is saying is correct.



    Warm Regards

    Anant Dubey