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Expression error




İn chart, I want to show last 6 months value as minichart in chart

My expression below.

I dont know what is wrong?

Sum({<[Rapor Tarihi] ={">=date(today()-240),[Arıza Rapor Yılı]="} >} [Karşılanan Çağrı Oranı])

  • Expression error

    Hi ,


    try to use something like this


    Sum({<[Rapor Tarihi] ={">=date(today()-240)  <=  date(today(),'DD/MM/YYYY' )  "} >} [Karşılanan Çağrı Oranı])


    also you can take help from below code will help you for last six moths value


    =Sum({<DateField={'>=$(=MonthStart(Max(DateField), -5))<=$(=MonthEnd(Max(DateField)))'}>} Sales)



    Warm Regards,

    Anant Debey

  • Expression error

    Thanks for replies,


    But they didnt work

    [Arıza Rapor Yılı] the field expression wiil not be affected by it


    Waiting for new solution