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Make a new field based on string content of other field


I have a field that lists resources for activities.  It lists them like this "Scaffold Builder, IQC" or "Mechanic, QC" or "Insulator, Civil Quality Control"


What I'm saying is I was a new field that will classify each row in my data by resource by looking at the contents of this string for in code style, i want to make a field that looks at each cell in the "resource" field and does this pseudo code


//Instring(ref to string to be searched, term to search for)


if( Instring([resource],"Scaff")) THEN [newresource]="scaff" else if(instring([resource],"Mech") then [newresource]="Mech"


I want to do this to each cell of data, so that the data is generalized instead of mixed in with QC resources.


Thanks for any help,