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Manipulate Gantt-Chart


Hello Community,


i attached a Gantt-Chart. I tried to manipulate the gantt-chart by adding a button for example Year or Month or Week or Day.

If i click at the Year-button the Gantt-Chart should show the values for the Year 2008 at the example. Or if i click at the month button the gantt-chart should show the values for the acual month. is something like this possible?




  • Manipulate Gantt-Chart

    Hi Aylin,


    Yes this is possible.

    You may split your date in year and month to use it in your triggers and to calculate variables curyear and curmonth to set in the trigger as "select in field : StartYear", "Value : =curyear"


    Best regards


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      Hi Christian,

      thank you for your help, i splitted my date column into month, year, week, day.but it should show any year not the current year, month, ...If i click on Year, the Gantt Chart should show on the x-axis only 2009, 2010, 2011 and the values. it is a little bit complicate to explain

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      Hoping you can help me as well... I have a Gantt chart with a task start month and/or year selection fields related to it. I want the data to show the projects that have a date that falls within the selected criteria, not necessarily the start date. For example, I want to show all projects with tasks active in September 2014. Right now, my Start Date is related to the start of the task. If a task started in August but is still active in September, I want it to be displayed. Thoughts?

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    Lee Matthews

    Hi Aylinbis


    Did you ever resolve this issue? I have been working on a Gantt Chart extension object and i think the latest version I posted on community does what you are after. The image below shows how some options and a refresh button allow selection of the relevant level.


    You can download the latest version here http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3427