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Remove recently opened documents

Jakob Fabian

Hi everyone,


is there a way to remove all recently opened documents on the startpage?

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    Edgar Kech

    Hi Jakob,

    go to "User Preferences" => "General" and set "Most Recently Used Files" => "On Startpage" to 0.

    Greetings from Frankfurt,


  • Remove recently opened documents
    Supriya Thigale

    Image.PNG Hi,


    1. On Menubar , open File button
    2. In General tab, there is a "Most Recently Used Files" label
    3. In that "On startpage" textbox make that value zero.

    Image attached for reference.




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    Here's a much quicker way to empty the list. Open QlikView Desktop, click "Help/About QlikView...".  On the About QlikView window, notice the QlikView "Q" in the bottom left corner. Right click the Q to open the Settings "Easter Egg" dialog. Scroll down the list until you find "StartPageMruListMaxEntries". Set the value to 0, click "Set" and the list should be empty next time you open it. If you want to start filling it back up, repeat the process and set the value to something greater than zero.


    *** DISCLAIMER: Be VERY careful while in the Settings Easter Egg dialog. There are very powerful settings there, which translates to "there are things in there that can REALLY mess up your QlikView installation if you don't know what you're doing!" ***


    Hope this helps,