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IE 8 and QV plugin

Gavin Mowling



I was wondering if anyone has encountered problems with using IE8 and the QVplugin, as recently we upgraded to IE8 and the plugin stopped working.

I have rolled back to IE7 and now the plugin works fine, but user can't export to excel (2007 version) anymore, I have seen that in a previous forum that the right server build and plugin have to be used, I have checked this and they're both the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • IE 8 and QV plugin

    Just wanted to confirm that we're also having problems with IE8 and QlikView. We're using plugin version 8.50.6231.5.

    The web page cannot be displayed - it's as if QVP:// is not linked to the plugin. In other words, QlikView is not throwing errors because it will not even load.

    • IE 8 and QV plugin

      Have you tried: qvp://<your domain>/<your monted folder>/<your application.qvw> ?

      Our links had to be changed when upgrading from 7.52 to 8.5.6261. Earlier there was /qvplugin/ in the url.



  • IE 8 and QV plugin


    Try checking your internet explorer sercurity settings.

    Try to add your site name to trusted sites in internet explorer.

    Tools--> Internet options--> Security --> Trusted sites--> Sites and add your url.

    Hope this should help you.

    - Sridhar



  • IE 8 and QV plugin
    Gavin Mowling

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them and if they're successful I'll let you know.

    Thanks again


  • IE 8 and QV plugin

    QlikView is running as an intranet page (which in our case is appropriate), and my browser was running it in Protected Mode (we use Vista).

    After turning off Protected Mode for Intranet locations, the plugin began loading correctly and functioning normally.

  • IE 8 and QV plugin
    Karl Humma

    Most times the problem is that IE8 or 7 sometimes likes to lockdown when microsoft updates are applied. One such lockdown that will kill the qv plugin client is located under (In IE8 or 7) Tools > Internet Options > Security > a little check box called Enable Protected Mode. Uncheck that and restart IE, that might do the trick in this case!

    Hope this helps!


  • IE 8 and QV plugin


    What also will help is to uncheck the option "allow active content to run in files on My Computer".
    Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security


    • IE 8 and QV plugin
      Hugo Martinez

      HI. I'm having an issue similar to this using IE 8 or 7 and QlikView 9R4 plugin.

      IF I place this link:

      directly into the browser.. the WindowsServer ask for user & pwd and then opens the document without issues, but if I place this as a link in favorites then it opens a logon screen from QV and later fails to load the document. IF I kill the IE process directly in the task administrator, then it reloads, the IE (version 8) says that an error ocurred and was fixed an then it opens the document...

      So far, this is only happening in Windows 7 and IE 7 or 8. I've already tried all the suggestions here and setting of the windows firewall and the behavior remains the same..


      any clues??


      Thnks !!!


  • IE 8 and QV plugin

    Turning off protected mode also solved my IE pluin issue in IE8  - thanks for the tip :-)

  • IE 8 and QV plugin
    Lee Alderdice

    We have a client who has to run IE in protected mode due to their IT security policies.  Will adding to SafeSites also solve the issue or is this a particular issue to the plug in and Protected Mode?





  • Re: IE 8 and QV plugin
    Robyn Brooker

    We are receiving following error when viewing dashboards online and changing the IE settings as suggested above do not work.  The error happened last year and went away and now it is reappearing again. Is there another solution you have found? 

    Error Message:

      Line: 0
      Char: 0
      Failed to Load: URL: