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Function to Move TEXT Object dynamically ?


Hello Every one,


I want to move Text object dynamically based upon Selection from List Box.


e.g. List Box contains 8 Country

1. Japan

2. Germany

3. USA

4. UK

5. China

6. Russia

7. Taiwan

8. France


If some one selects ONLY Japan or ONLY USA or ONLY Germany or any ONE of the anove Country, Postion of the TEXT Object will be x=230 & Y=100


However, if Some one Select Multiple Country,  JAPAN Text Object will be at x=230 & Y=100,  and USA will be x=260 & Y=120 and so forth so on.



Please note:

  1. I am not sure if there is any function that I can use to move these text object dynamically
  2. I am also not sure if there is better way to move the object dynamically.


I appreciate any insight in this matter.