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Import document layout on QV10 SR1

Ralf Becher


I have no idea how to import the document layout.The export creates a bunch of files but no Layout.xml file (TopLayout.xml instead).

But, this file I cannot import. Even if I rename it to Layout.xml.

This should be a bug. I know it works on some version before...

- Ralf

  • Import document layout on QV10 SR1
    John Trigg


    In SR1 the Export function was updated to emulate the new Project Component Files functionality we added in Version 10. Prior to SR1 you had to manually create a subdirectory named after your QVW to get QlikView to create the individual XML and TXT files that represented the layout and logic (but not the data) of the QVW. In SR1 we have modified the behavior of Export Layout. Now when you use that, we check for the sub-directory, if it is not present, create it, and then create the component files. Each time you reopen the QVW QliKView when it detects the subdirectory, rebuilds the layout, script, module code from the content of the files in the subdirectory.

    So how can you use the content of the subdirectory to build (or previously IMPORT Layout) for a new QV? With the functionality of the project component files you can take the following steps (assumes original QVW was called TEST.QVW and subdirectory is called TEST-prj)

    1. Create a new QVW and save it (e.g. TEST2)

    2. Close TEST2.qvw

    3. Copy the subdirectory TEST-prj and make a copy of it in the same directory as TEST2.qvw. Call the new sub-directory TEST2-prj

    4. Reopen TEST2.qvw

    You'll find the new layout, script, code etc now appears in TEST2. You will have to reload the QVW (Test2).

    In future releases we'll be incorporating more of the management & use of the components files into standard QlikView functionality



    John Trigg


    • AW:Re: Import document layout on QV10 SR1
      Ralf Becher

      Thanks John!

      It's working but with some issues:

      - wrong sequence of sheets

      - no module code (with password)

      - no variable values


    • Import document layout on QV10 SR1

      What is the status of this in QV10 SR2? I have created a template file, the export/import does not do anything. I was not able to sort out projects but will try that next.

      What I would like to do is maniuplate the XML directly  and then attach it to objects in my qvw but I don't see how to do that?

    • Import document layout on QV10 SR1

      Thanks John.


      How can we use this Project Component Files functionality to copy the layout of one sheet of a project (qvw file) into another qvw file (something similar to export-sheet-layout and import-sheet-layout features in version 9)?

      • Import document layout on QV10 SR1

        I've been experimenting with this and I've managed to migrate a new object from one application to another.


        1. Follow John Trigg's instructions to make a TEST2 application with its own -prj folder.
        2. Create a new object in TEST.QVW making a note of the new object's ID and the sheet's ID
        3. Save the TEST.QVW application.
        4. Navigate to the TEST-prj folder and copy the Qlikview.txt file and the XML files for your sheet and new object into the TEST2-prj folder.
        5. Open TEST2.QVW and you should find its created the object on your sheet.


        If you look in the Qlikview.txt file you will see it details everything held within the application including which XML file to access to generate each element.


        Within each XML file you will see it details the configuration for that element e.g. the XML for the sheet details which objects sit within that sheet and the configuration thats relevant to it.


        Using this logic in theory you can either copy the files between each -prj folder or if you like to get your hands dirty edit the XML directly.


        Kind Regards



    • Import document layout on QV10 SR1
      Raajesh Nagarajan

      Hi John,


      Thanks for the information - this should be pretty useful.


      But can you please let me have some more info on this ImportDocument Layout, Import Sheet Layout and Export Contents Contents. I have never seen it enabled so far. When will it be enabled and what is the intended functionality for these menu options.


      Thanks & Regards,




      PS: I have QlikView 10 Personal Edition SR1

  • Re: Import document layout on QV10 SR1
    Tony Salameh

    Dear Ralf,

    I have [QV11.00.11154.0 IR64-bit Edition]

    I tested your method of creating a TEST.QVW, then create a folder called TEST-prj where I exported the layout using: File>Export>Export Document Layout and choose the folder TEST-prj. I got 85 files in this new folder: 82 xml files, 2 txt files (LoadScript & Module) and 1 file DocBinary.dat.


    The I created a new file TEST2.QVW with a new folder TEST2-prj.

    When I opened the TEST2 file I cannot neither import the xml files nor the layout.xml.

    I used a script "Binary TEST.qvw;" to have the same data without any objects in the sheets. Then I tried File>Import>Import Document Layout without any success.


    Did I missed something

    Thank you in advance