Name: John Sands
Title: Product Sales Enablement Manager
Location: UK
Join Date: 10/10/2007
Biography: John has 9 years’ experience of working with QlikView and 20 years’ experience in the software industry. He has been involved with QlikView as it has evolved into the Business Discovery tool of choice for many Enterprise Companies.

Prior to QlikTech he had roles as a Product Manager for a leading Skills management vendor and also worked for one of QlikTech’s leading OEM partners Cegedim Dendrite.

John has presented to audiences globally talking about the BI Industry and how QlikView has been such a game changer. He has talked about mobile technology and how it has changed the face of IT making people demand slicker quicker software in the workplace and sparking the Bring Your Own Device movement. He actively contributes to twitter (@QlikJohn) and his blog (insert here).He passionately believes there is no such thing as end users just people with questions.

In addition to his career at QlikTech John takes an active interest in Neuropsychology which was sparked by the works of Paul Broks a Senior Clinical Lecturer in this subject. John lives in Southsea with his wife Rachel, a teacher, and loves to get out and enjoying his favourite hobby sailing when he has time. He also has completed a triathlon and the famous 300km cycle ride in Sweden called the Vatterundan.
Expertise: Evangelism, QlikView, Big Data, Mobile

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