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Is the SAP Connector really the best way to get data from SAP?

Trevor Roth

I have been using QlikView and the SAP connector for approximately 3 years and it has been very successful for us. As many of you might know pulling SAP data isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and I am wondering if there is a better way to get data out of SAP then using the SAP Connector. As an example take the table VBRP (Billing Document: Item Data). This table is indexed on Billing Document Number – not a date range, so doing incremental QVD loads is very challenging. To make things more difficult, users can modify historical data (modify lines to Orders, Billing, etc.). I understand this challenge is due to SAP and not the QlikView Connector for SAP, but it does prompt the question of where this challenge should be solved (BI application layer or data warehouse / ETL layer).


I am sure others have faced these types of challenges. Can you help me to understand how you are dealing with them?


One idea I am thinking of is to abandon the use of the SAP Connector for QlikView, and ask our data warehouse/ETL team to create a copy of our main SAP tables for me (let’s call this an SAP Operational Data Store). Our ETL tool is already pulling SAP data, and our SAP team has some ‘tricks’ to make pulling tables like VBRP faster for us. Let’s also assume the SAP ODS adds an indexed ‘last modified date’ column for me to use in my QVD incremental loads. Below are some of the pros/cons of this proposed solution:



-     would make incremental loads faster on the QV side

-     less load on SAP

-     less dependent on QV as a single technology



-     increased administration / maintenance / development

-     Possible security concerns with the new SAP ODS


What do you think of this idea? Are there pros/cons that I am missing? Are there better approaches out there that you are using? What are some techniques you are using to more effectively pull SAP data?


Thanks in advance!

- Trevor


PS:  Let me add that SAP BW is not an option for us.