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Excluded Fields

sandeepa rout



I am using Qlikview10 personal edition.


I would like to ask you that I have two sets of databases x & y.

X DB has a,b,c,d,e,f,g fields(columns).

Y DB has a,c,d,h fields.


I have to show in the reports b,e,f,g,h are the excluded fields of respective databases.

  • Excluded Fields



    I probably don't understand what you want, but I would just hardcode the field names in my application (e.g. in a text box?)...


    What are you doing with the two databases? Load in all fields from both, I assume. Do you force concatenation?

    Otherwise you get a synthetic key table, do you?

    Or do you limit the read in columns to the common set and want to show the excluded fields (see above --> hardcoded text). What is the reason behind to explicitely show the excluded fields?


    You see, I am pretty unsure what you want to achieve, maybe you could add some more info.