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QVD files




I was created a QVD files from a chart and save in my PC,Now if i want to update data to QVD files from my data base how it would be possibe


As i am new to this area please tell me what are the advantages of using QVD files

If we are working by using a QVW file it is enough or we need to make use of QVD file also





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    Miguel Angel Baeyens

    Hi Faisal,


    There are a lot of good documents and white papers on why use the QVD files and how. In regards to your question, I'd do a two step load, like the following:


    // This loads the existing data in your QVD file
    LOAD *
    FROM File.qvd (qvd);
    // This loads today data and appends its records
    // to the table above
    CONCATENATE (Original) LOAD *;
    FROM Database
    WHERE Date = '20111220'; // Or whatever source or condition you use to get new records
    // Now both the old data and today data are stored into the same QVD, so tomorrow
    // the LOAD will be the same
    STORE Original INTO File.qvd (qvd); 


    Hope that helps.