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1 chart, 2 expressions, 2 dimension

Federico Levi

Hi All!

A client ask for the next things...

I have a bar/line chart with a dimension of year_week (2010-1, 2010-2, etc).

1 line expression is quite simple.

The other one has to do the following:

Show acumulated sales by year in the current/selected week.

If we are in the 11 week of the year, I need for every year a bar in week 11 with the YTD sales.


I found a workaround using 2 graphs (and making the front transparent) and with an auxiliar table for the weeks acumulation

2010-1   2010-1

2010-2   2010-1

2010-2   2010-2



Does anyone imagine a solution but in only 1 chart?