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After 3 1/2 years with QlikTech, I am moving on to a new opportunity. My last day as Community Manager will be December 30th.


That statement of fact seems simple enough, but when leaving behind a great company with a great product, it's not that easy. Saying farewell to a community of friends and colleagues that have taught me so much is even harder.


I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you as the QlikCommunity Manager and the "man behind the curtain" on our social properties (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I will cherish the experiences, knowledge and professional relationships I've gained during my time at QlikTech, and I thank you for all that you've done to make my work here meaningful, productive and very enjoyable.


Even though I'm leaving my official duties with QlikTech, I will still hang around the QlikCommunity; QlikView is still the best software platform out there for discovering and dissecting data, and I plan to use it at my next company and beyond...I'll just call it "my secret weapon"!


You are in very capable hands with your other Community Manager, Sara Leslie. In a very short time, she has learned our systems, aligned herself with our strategy, but most importantly she has embraced our culture and understands the great value that our QlikCommunity members bring to the company. She has tons of great programs planned for you this year, and I know that this group of dedicated QlikView pros will prosper under her leadership!


If you would like to keep up with me in the future, I'm most active on Twitter (@longjasonm), and I've joined the community with a new profile: Jason Long


A sincere THANK YOU to all of the 70,000+ QlikCommunity members who have made this the most rewarding experience of my career, and I wish you all the best in the new year and the years to come!


As Steve Jobs said..."Stay hungry, stay foolish"!




Jason Long

Community Manager

QlikTech, Inc.

We are really proud to announce that we’ve shipped QlikView 11 to the world! This is our most social, mobile and enterprise-ready version ever, and we’ve collected this list of eleven resources to help you get the most out of this new release:


  • Download QlikView 11: What better place to start than by downloading the software? You can download a fully-functional version of QlikView Personal Edition for free, or if you are an existing user, you can login to download the upgrade.
  • “Why Upgrade to QlikView 11?”: This free whitepaper download will help you and your organization understand the improvements and updates made in QlikView 11, and outlines the advantages to running this new release.
  • QlikView 11 FAQ: Thanks to our Product Marketing and R&D teams, we’ve compiled a lengthy document that addresses many of the questions you may have about QlikView 11…this is a living document, and as new questions come up, we’ll answer them and add them to this page. Make sure to bookmark this one!
  • What’s New in QlikView 11 Webinar: Our CTO and SVP of Products Anthony Deighton hosted the “What’s New in QlikView 11” Webinar last month, and it is a great overview of the five release themes and other improvements made in our newest version. You can sign up to view the recorded session at your convenience!
  • Updated QlikView Product Tour: We've updated our popular Product Tour video to reflect all of the new QlikView 11 features. If you want to introduce QlikView to someone who's never heard of us, this video is a great place to start!
  • QlikView Overview: The Explore QlikView area of our website has been updated to reflect all of the new capabilities in QlikView 11, and we have a number of great links and resources available in this section of our site.
  • QlikView 11 Demo Application: To see Business Discovery in action, you can view the QlikView 11 Demo on our demo site, which demonstrates a number of the new features, including Alternate States,
  • Video: Social Business Discovery: This video outlines some of the new social features in QlikView 11, including bookmarks, in-app decision notes, and collaborative sessions.
  • Video: Innovation is No Accident: We created this cool video about Business Discovery called “Innovation is No Accident”. You can also check it out on YouTube if you want to share it!
  • Blog Post: QlikView 11 on Mobile: Chris Mabardy takes a look at the changes and improvements made to our mobile capabilities in QlikView 11. For a deeper dive, check out our whitepaper QlikView on Mobile: Beyond Reporting.
  • Video: What’s New in QlikView 11: Our CTO Anthony Deighton stars in this video that highlights the five themes of QlikView 11 in a very “illustrative” manner!


I hope that you find these resources helpful, and you will soon be well on your way to working and creating great Business Discovery apps in QlikView 11! If you have created any resources around QlikView 11 (blog posts, videos, etc.), please leave them in the comments section for others to see!

One of the most important parts of our QlikCommunity is the feedback and suggestions we receive from our 60,000+ members on how we can make QlikView faster, easier and more powerful. In the past, we have collected this feedback in a number of ways, including a feature request form, emails and an IdeaExchange hosted in our Customer and Partner Portals. While we received tons of great ideas that made their way into our products, the management, publication and access to the process isn’t as easy as we would like…so this week we are rolling out QlikCommunity Ideas!


QlikCommunity Ideas is an open forum where our members can submit ideas to enhance our products and vote for (or against) ideas submitted by other members. Ideas will be actively managed by our Product Management team, including commenting on and updating the status of ideas submitted.  Below is a quick video introduction to QlikCommunity Ideas:




A couple of notes about the launch:


  • All new ideas will be moderated by our Product Management team in accordance with the The specified item was not found..
  • We are migrating all of the ideas that we received in the Customer and Partner Portals over the past couple of years, along with votes and comments.
  • The formatting of some of the migrated ideas may look strange, but they will be fixed over the next couple of weeks as we finish migrating all of the content.


We are looking forward interacting with our community around all of your great feedback and suggestions for QlikView to cement its status as the best Business Discovery tool on the market!

Sara profile pic.jpg

As QlikTech’s first and only Community Manager up to this point, I have really enjoyed interacting with our QlikCommunity members as we've grown to over 57,000 members and millions of visits to our site. Last week, we added a second member to our QlikCommunity team, Sara Leslie

Sara is an experienced community manager with over 12 years of web experience and 4 years of experience in online communities and social media. She has worked for a number of innovative companies including Cisco Systems, Brocade Communications and Johnson & Johnson. Sara has a great deal of experience in our community platform (Jive Software), so she will be jumping in as a moderator and content creator right away, and will help develop strategies for QlikCommunity as we continue to grow.

In her free time (yes, we do step away from the keyboard once in a while!) she enjoys riding dirt bikes and competing in Dressage and long-distance trail riding on her horses.

On joining QlikTech, Sara said, "I'm really excited to be a part of the QlikTech team! We have a lot of really cool projects in the works that help our users better leverage communities and our tools, and at the end of the day its about the user experience and how we can find new and better ways to get things done."

Please join me in welcoming Sara Leslie to the QlikCommunity team, and be sure to add her as a friend to follow all of her great contributions!

May 6th, 2011 at 3 AM: I was watching our real-time web analytics report as the web address for QlikCommunity was redirected to a new server. It was reporting “0 Visitors" for a few minutes…then, I started seeing visitors from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and all across Europe and Asia…the new QlikCommunity was alive!


We are really proud to bring you the new QlikCommunity, powered by the Jive Software SBS Platform. This new site is a product of months of research, user testing and programming work, and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out.  I’ll be doing some more posts in the near future about all of the cool features of our new QlikCommunity, but I’d like to highlight a couple of my favorites so you can check them out now: 


  • Reply by Email: QlikCommunity members have been able to receive email updates for their discussion posts for a while, but with this new site, you can reply directly to any email update, and it will post it on the site! This helps you participate in the Community quickly and easily, without having to navigate back to the site every time you want to make an update.  For best results, delete all text in the body of the email and start fresh; only the reply-to address and subject line need to remain the same.

  • User Bar: This is probably my favorite feature.  The bar at the top of the screen has a lot of great options to help keep your QlikCommunity experience organized. I go into more detail about this in a video in the Community Corner section of the site entitled "Video: Introduction to the New QlikCommunity"

  • Improved Site Search: One of the most requested changes for our site was an improved Search functionality, so it became one of our top criteria when evaluating our new QlikCommunity platform.  The new site search is much more powerful and has a lot of your most requested features: the ability to filter content by specific users or areas of the site, more powerful search operators, and grouping of results by thread.  As always, search before posting...there are over 120,000 posts on the site as of today, so your question has probably been asked and answered already!


We are still working on some of the new features, and we thank those of you who have sent in questions or issues, as that has helped us with the transition.  We are continuing to work on making all of the changes, and we will have them completed soon.


As a final note, I would like to send a special thank you to our User Acceptance Testing group (UAT), who helped us test and debug the site before we went live.  We invited around 60 of our top community members to help, and received great feedback about the content, interface and design of the site.  We at QlikTech appreciate the time and assistance you put in to the process, and the entire community appreciates your input in helping us make the new QlikCommunity as helpful and easy to use as possible!


Thanks again to all of our 55,000+ QlikCommunity members for making this such a great site, and here's to more great days ahead!


We are almost ready to launch the new version of QlikCommunity! We invited many of our top users to test and evaluate the new system, and we are now ready to start the migration to the new site. This is a large undertaking, and it will involve a lot of changes to the current site. Here's what you can expect:

  • The current QlikCommunity site will be placed in read-only mode on the evening of Monday, May 2nd. - In order to migrate all of the content over to the new site without losing anything, we need to stop new content from being created. The current site's information will remain live and accessible, but users will not be able to post new content until the new site is launched.
  • Community content from the current site will be retained - We have worked hard to make sure the vast majority of the great content hosted here on QlikCommunity makes it to the new site, and all QlikView-related information (forums, blogs, QlikViews, wiki pages) will be available. Some information, like your personal profile and your email settings will have to be reentered. Note that it may be a couple of days until all content is restored as we have had to make some manual changes; most notably Share QlikView files will come back online over the next week or so as we move them to a new custom element of our site.
  • Address for the new site remains the same, but some URLs will no longer work - The new site will remain at community.qlik.com, but many direct links (forum posts, share qlikviews, etc.) will no longer be accessible. Many of our popular links will be redirected automatically to help with the transition. If you enter a URL that no longer works, you will be presented with a search page to help you find your desired content.
  • QlikTech will be available for any questions or issues you may have - We realize this is a big change, but we are confident that you will find this new system helpful and much easier to use. If you have any problems or questions during the transition, please email us at qcwebmaster@qlik.com. After the new site has been launched, visit the QlikCommunity 101 area of the site to learn more about the new site. I will be posting more entries to this blog as we make the transition.

We thank you for your patience as we make this transition, and we look forward to working with you on this exciting new chapter for QlikCommunity!

--Jason Long

Hey everyone! We are only a month away from celebrating two years since the new QlikCommunity site went live...and what a two years it has been! We now have a great cadre of QlikView experts answering questions, sharing tips & tricks, and helping new QlikView users get started.

We have been listening to your requests for improvements and new functionality, and we are proud to announce that we are moving to a new platform that will deliver on all the top requested features! We have been working for a couple of months behind the scenes, and we are getting the new system ready for testing very soon. Some of the most requested (and soon to be delivered) features are:

  • Improved Search: Searching the wealth of information already on QlikCommunity is vitally important to you, and this was #1 on our list of priorities. The new search engine allows for a number of filters, search operators and options for finding exactly what you're looking for (screenshot).
  • Better Organization of Your Content: You wanted to easily track all of the discussions that you started or participated in across the site for easy reference. The new "Your Stuff" tab allows to quickly find your content to follow up with new questions or reference old answers you've received (screenshot).
  • Easier to Participate: QlikView developers are busy, and with this new platform, you can now reply to discussion threads by email, allowing you to participate anywhere, from your desktop to your mobile device.
  • Ideas Exchange: The QlikView Product Ideas Exchange will now be hosted on QlikCommunity, allowing you to create and vote on ideas that you would like to see in future QlikView versions.

One more important note: All QlikCommunity content will be migrated to the new site! Our members have created a great repository of information over the last few years, and we will be moving over all content (including attachments) to the new site.

You will begin to see some notices about the move over the next couple of weeks, and we will announce the launch of the new site as soon as testing is completed. We are extremely excited about this update, and we know you will be too!



Twitter has quickly become one of the most trafficked and popular sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, many businesspeople view Twitter as a waste of time or a place where celebrities go to share what they had for lunch! While both of these statements can be true, there is actually a thriving business intelligence community on Twitter, where numerous analysts, developers and executives meet to share and have conversations about the latest news and trends in BI. QlikView is on Twitter, and since joining in December 2008, we've grown to 1780+ followers. We are constantly sharing updates, news and interesting QlikView-related content, and interacting with QlikView customers, partners and other members of the BI community...and we'd love to have you join us!

If you'd like to join us on Twitter, head over to Twitter's sign up page, sign up, log in, and then head to http://www.twitter.com/qlikview. On that page, you'll see a "follow" icon...click that, and you'll begin receiving our updates on your Twitter account. For more info on getting started with Twitter, check out Mashable's guide to Twitter.

To help you get started, you can see what people are saying about QlikView by using a Twitter search for QlikView, and we've created a list of QlikView users on Twitter that you can follow all at once by visiting our QlikView Users on Twitter list. (Disclaimer: please keep in mind this list is comprised of personal accounts, and we aren't responsible for any content provided by these users).

We've really enjoyed the community that has grown up around QlikView on Twitter, and we hope to see you there soon!

We've received a number of requests from our members for an improved site search function, and today we are happy to present our new Google-powered site search for QlikCommunity.

As the amount of content in our community continues to increase, the ability to find the correct answer to a problem, a best practice or simply some more information on a certain topic becomes increasingly important to a great experience (along with preventing frustrating duplication of questions and content). Now that our community has grown past 30,000 members and over 50,000 forum posts, the search feature of our site has become less effective. The new site search offers a number of benefits to our site:

  • Easier to find search box: The community-specific search box is now located at the top of the content window, rather than at the top part of the navigation area, which confused some users. (See the screenshot to the right)
  • Google user experience: The search engine is powered by Google, so you can use all of the operators and syntax you're used to using with Google to find just the right answer to your question. Check out this page for Google search tips and tricks (more advanced here).
  • Better results: Google's indexing engine is arguably the best in the world, so you will instantly see a drop in the number of duplicate posts, posts with lots of pageviews and responses will be more prominent in the results. Combine that with the tips mentioned above, and finding an answer in our 50,000 forum posts is going to be much easier!

A quick note to our members: The best way to avoid duplicate posts and irrelevant answers is to be as descriptive as possible with your subject lines and tags. Please don't post a thread with the title "Set Analysis Help", as this has been used 20+ times and is not an indicator of the problem you're having. You will also find that community members are more willing to answer your post if you are descriptive!

The original search engine will still be used on a couple of areas of the site, but the majority of the site will be powered by Google search starting today.

Thank you for all of your feedback, and for letting us know how we can serve you better. Thanks for reading and for participating in the QlikCommunity!

Over the last 11 months, the web guys at QlikTech and I have made a lot of tweaks and improvements to make the QlikCommunity site easy to use and navigate for our members. However, the main reason that we've grown to over 26,000 members in that time is the great content that is found on this site. If it weren't for the discussions happening in the forums, great example QlikView files in the Share QlikViews section, and interesting blog entries from QlikView developers and users, no amount of site features and improvements would keep you, our members and visitors, engaged and returning regularly.

Most of the content on this site has been created by our members, and we hope that this will continue. That being said, one of our goals for taking QlikCommunity to the next level is more QlikTech-generated content for this site. Our employees are immersed in all things QlikView every day, and we are working to bring more of their knowledge, insights and opinions to you. We recently launched the QlikView Blog, which is collectively written by a handful of QlikTech employees and will cover topics ranging from enterprise deployments to sales strategies to notifications of new releases and updates.

Some of the other ideas we've been considering include:

  • A video tour of our R&D facility in Lund, Sweden
  • Video interviews/chats with members of the Product Management, R&D and Support teams
  • Live chat sessions with QlikTech employees
  • More in-depth technical screencasts, how-tos and demos
  • Hosting QlikView application "contests", where we will provide a dataset and choose the best application submitted from the Community

These are just some ideas that we've come up with, but ultimately, we want to produce what YOU want to see: content that helps you know more about QlikView and use it more effectively every day. We'd really appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on the ideas presented above. If you have something else you'd like to see from us, we'd love to hear that as well.

Thanks for helping us improve the QlikCommunity!

Hello to all! I hope that you had a great end to 2009, and your 2010 has gotten off to a productive and exciting start!

As you can see, we've made a few changes ourselves over the past few months. The most noticeable change has been the redesign of QlikCommunity to reflect the new design of our corporate website. While we are extremely proud of the site, we aren't comfortable resting on our laurels; we are committed to constant improvement to make the site as easy to use and useful as possible.

The most important measure of a website's utility and functionality is the opinion of the people who use it every day: YOU. Without an easy to use interface and a reliable infrastructure, our members will not create and foster the great discussions that are the lifeblood of a great online community.

To that end, we've created a 5-minute survey that we'd like our members to complete, which will help us to understand who is using the site, what features you find the most useful, what you think we're doing well, and most importantly, the parts of the site (and the QlikCommunity as a whole) on which we need to improve. We will keep the survey open for the next 30 days, and once we've collected all of the information, I will share it with you on this blog.

I ask you to please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, and help us to keep improving the QlikCommunity for you and the more than 25,000 members that have joined us here. Thank you!

I just returned from beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, site of "interaQtions", our 2010 corporate summit attended by all QlikTech employees. During the event, the QlikCommunity received a lot of compliments from employees across the organization, and a number of managers/directors/execs told me that they like what they are seeing, and view the community as a great asset that will be a big part of QlikView's continued growth. For that, I send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated this year, and we hope to see more of you in 2010. We are committed to growing and strengthening this community, and we couldn't do it without YOU!

The new year is now in full swing, and we are ready to continue the awesome growth that we've experienced in 2009 by maintaining our commitment to features and processes that work, and improving the ones that don't. With that, here are the high-level plans we have for QlikCommunity in 2010:

Continue our incredible growth

The QlikCommunity grew tremendously in 2009, finishing the year with over 22,000 members, growing at a rate of 114 new members every business day! While that is an amazing number, there are an estimated 550,000+ QlikView users across the globe...so there is still plenty of work to be done. If you have employees at your company designing and developing in QlikView, encourage them to join us here. The more contributors we have, the better the community will be: questions will be answered faster, there will be more perspectives and solutions, and we will continue to foster innovation and best practices for the software we all use everyday.

Support and improve infrastructure

To support the growth of a large community, there need to be robust and reliable systems in place. Since the complete overhaul of our community platform last April, we have continuously added to and improved the functionality and usability of the site; 2010 will be no different. The first change you'll be seeing is a "facelift" of the site in coordination with our new global website in the next week or so. We will also be diligent in upgrading the site platform and adding new, useful features. Some of the improvements we've recently made (and some that are coming soon) are:

  • Persistent sign-on to the site (stay logged in rather than having to sign in each time you visit the site)
  • Moving the site to Amazon EC2 cloud servers for faster performance around the world.
  • The ability to post and respond to threads by email, rather than having to visit the site directly.
  • Unique role-based features based on your relationship with QlikTech (i.e. customers, partners, employees)
  • Evaluating more internationalization options, including interface languages, translation tools and more contribution from users across the world.

Create more resources

The most important part of the QlikCommunity is the content created by and for our users. We plan to add content extensively in 2010 to make QlikCommunity even more productive for our members. Some of the resources that are coming your way:

  • Qonnections Virtual - a virtual user conference with keynotes by QlikTech employees, each with its own discussion thread that is monitored by the presenter. (now available here)
  • More Educational Videos - I'll be working with Product Marketing and R&D to produce more how-to videos and screencasts aimed at both beginners and experts alike.
  • New features - a video tour of our R&D facility in Lund, Sweden, Q&A with R&D engineers and product managers, web-based documentation...the list goes on!

If you've read this far, I hope that you are as excited as I am about what 2010 will bring. These new features and content will be incredible, but they won't mean anything without YOUR participation. Without you, our Community would not be the incredible resource it is today. Please continue to let me know if there is anything we at QlikTech can do to improve your experience with the QlikCommunity.

Looking forward to a great year!


QlikCommunity is quickly approaching 13,000 members, and many are from outside the U.S. With customers in over 95 countries and more than 15 new customers added every day, QlikView is quickly making its way to all corners of the world! Many of these new customers and partners are joining QlikCommunity to take advantage of this great resource. While the U.S is the most represented country, we have great representation from a handful of other countries, and their numbers are growing every day. Here's a quick breakdown of our members by country:

To this end, we are proud to offer a new localization feature to QlikCommunity: the ability to change your interface language. While most of the content on QlikCommunity is in English (the exception being a number of local user groups that are in the members' native languages), you can change the interface language (site options, commands, etc.) to one of five different languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • German
  • French

I've created a short video that will explain how to change your interface language; the video will open in a separate window (hosted by Screencast.com):

If you want to skip the video, here are the steps to change your language settings:

  1. Click Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up your profile (hint: this would be a good time to fill it out!)
  2. Scroll down to the Language drop-down.
  3. Choose your desired language.
  4. Click Save.

Please let me know via the Contact Form if you have any questions, suggestions or problems. Thanks everyone!


NOTE: Files that work with QlikView Personal Edition will have the following in their description:

***This application is Personal Edition compatible. ***

If you do not see this text, then the file is NOT compatible and will consume one of your four recovery attempts should you try to use it. We are adding PE Compatible files on a rolling basis.

One of the best ways to learn about the capabilities of QlikView is through tutorial files, which provide helpful hints like expression examples, code blocks and design advice. In addition to the QlikView tutorials installed with the software, the Share QlikViews section of QlikCommunity hosts over 100 sample QlikView applications that have helped our members learn about new, different and even fun uses of QlikView.

With QlikTech's recent release of QlikView 9 and the advent of the Personal Edition, there is now a new crop of QlikView users joining our community: developers that have an unlimited amount of time to learn, test and create QlikView applications. The one limitation of QlikView Personal Edition is the ability to open QlikView files created by others, which until now prevented these users from downloading and learning from the files in the Share QlikViews section.

Starting today, we are going to enable QlikView Personal Edition users to download and use files uploaded by our Community to enhance their QlikView skills and knowledge. This will change a couple of processes on the site, but the day-to-day impact will be minimal. These changes include:

Establishing general guidelines for Share QlikViews files

We greatly appreciate all of the uploads to the Share QlikViews section over the past few months; our library of files now exceeds 100 files that have been downloaded more than 20,000 times! In order to keep the section as useful and easy-to-navigate as possible, we are going to establish a couple of guidelines for uploads to the Share QlikViews section:

  • Safe - virus-free, no unsafe macros, functioning load script and data model
  • Educational - demonstrates a difficult or complex QlikView functionality (Set Analysis, Google Maps, load script tips and tricks)
  • Useful - serves as a functional QlikView application for day-to-day, personal use (bank account application, contact manager)
  • Fun - using public datasets to create cool QlikView applications (World Cup, Tour de France, World of Warcraft)

These guidelines are not exhaustive; each file will be reviewed, and if there is any problem, we will contact the author of the file to get it resolved.

All files uploaded to Share QlikViews will be moderated and modified for QVPE before being published

All members, including Personal Edition users, can upload apps to the site, and they will be reviewed per the preceding guidelines. Once approved, we will apply a Universal License Key to the file that will allow it to work with Personal Edition.

Existing Share QlikViews files will be modified to work with Personal Edition

We will begin adding the key to popular files already in the Share QlikViews section, and will denote the files by adding a "Personal Edition Compatible" tag and headline to each file's description. This process will happen over the next several weeks.

Thank you again to all of our members that have contributed files up to this point, and we hope that the new Personal Edition audience will encourage more of you to participate!


We relaunched our community in April, and over 8,800 members have joined us here on the site. While the response to the new site and features has been overwhelmingly positive, there are still some ways that we can improve. We've been collecting your ideas, and we've added a few features recently:

Sign Out/Edit Account Link

In the upper right-hand corner of the page, you will see a couple of new links that we've added to make things for convenient for our users:

You can now sign out of QlikCommunity, as well as edit your account, which as of now, is only resetting your QlikView SSO password. We will soon extend this functionality to the rest of your QlikView SSO account (name, email, address, etc.)

QlikView Downloads Link

QlikTech recently debuted a new QlikView-powered Downloads page, but it hasn't been as easy to find as we would have liked, so we've moved it to the navigation bar of the site:

The link will pop up the QlikView Downloads app, where you can download QlikView installation files, reference manuals, tutorials and more!

Product Enhancements/Feature Requests

Many of you were asking for a way to submit QlikView-related ideas and requests for functionality to QlikTech, and this form is the place to go. Start by clicking "Feature Request" in the navigation bar:

This will take you to the form. Note that this form is not for support issues, scripting problems, or any other sort of question/comments/complaints/praises that don't involve an addition or upgrade to the product.

Have some ideas of your own?

These ideas were all developed because of requests from our community members. If you have an idea about how to make this community better, easier to use, faster, or anything else, you can submit it at this URL:

Thanks to everyone who has submitted an idea already, and I look forward to receiving more suggestions soon. We are working on new features all the time to make your QlikCommunity experience more useful and enjoyable. Thanks for reading!


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