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We are undertaking a task to review all documents ever posted to the Resources space in QlikCommunity. The goal is to ensure that each document is filed under the appropriate category (or categories) and has meaningful tags assigned to it.  Our recent site upgrade allowed us to expand the set of categories, allowing for quicker access to dedicated areas of information. For my sins, I am currently working my way thru the App Development category, so if it suddenly seems like I'm authoring a ton of great material, fear not! I am not usurping your excellent content. Nor have I suddenly been blessed with a ton of amazing insight and information.  Its simply reflecting a few updates to categories and tags that I am making to existing content. None of the updates affects the author of each document (or shouldn't if I do it correctly).


As I am going thru this process, I again get to see just how much fantastic content our community members generate on a daily basis. It is truly awe inspiring. The depth and breadth of the materials address such a wide array of topics; it would be impossible to create this material as a single organization.  The power of the collective mind is a wonderful thing. I did want to highlight some common elements that are catching my eye (I am equipped with two eyes, but I only use one to catch, while using the other to juggle ... )


1. Please be judicious in the category assignment of 'New to QlikView'. Discussions of variables, macros, $ expansions etc are outside the realm of the typical 'Getting Started' guide.  Ensuring that these posts are in the correct categories (e.g. Development, Visualization, Integration) and tagged comprehensively, will ensure that when any newbie is looking for this content that it will be found quite easily.


2. The Resource>Document space is intended for members to share useful content with one another - tips, best practices, approaches to common problems.  Its a great place to search if you are looking for an existing document explaining how to solve or approach a particular task. But please refrain from posting questions or problems in the space.  Post questions and problems in the appropriate Discussion Forum where other members can offer advice and where you may already find a solution to your problem.


3. Please don't post existing QlikTech content or content belonging to another QlikView member. Release notes, QlikView manuals and blog posts are not appropriate to replicate or post verbatim in the Resource area as Documents. Links to said content are appropriate if these are then discussed in the context of a wider, or perhaps more detailed, thought.  E.g. you have found a collection of entries in the Discussion Forums related to Set Analysis, including a link to a solution; curating these into a single document with links to the individual posts and your own content reflecting the original problem and perhaps own experiences or approach is appropriate as a Document in QlikCommunity. Or if you wish to reference a particular section in the QlikView API Guide or a blog post on an QlikTech partner site, but further the conversation with your own thoughts, create a Document with links to the original material followed by your thoughts and insight.


Again thank you for all of the splendid content added to the QlikCommunity Resource site.

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