Hello Community Members,

Our Top Contributors listing wasn't rendering correctly after recent community updates and we needed to incorporate some fixes to improve the character display. We have finished the revisions and you can now find it on the QlikCommunity Home page along with other areas in the community.


The Top Contributors ranking applies to the area you are visiting.


The QlikCommunity Home page Top Contributors ranking would apply to all community members.  When this is displayed in other areas of the community such as individual discussion forums, user groups and the resource library it would apply to the members most active in that area.


On the QlikCommunity Home page you can also view My Rank which shows your overall community ranking along with other members who are close to you in points.


Top Contributors image.jpg

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our top contributors who spend a lot of time helping other members and posting valuable content.


If you are new to QlkCommunity it’s a great idea to follow your favorite top contributors to get updates on fresh content and hot topics.



We are undertaking a task to review all documents ever posted to the Resources space in QlikCommunity. The goal is to ensure that each document is filed under the appropriate category (or categories) and has meaningful tags assigned to it.  Our recent site upgrade allowed us to expand the set of categories, allowing for quicker access to dedicated areas of information. For my sins, I am currently working my way thru the App Development category, so if it suddenly seems like I'm authoring a ton of great material, fear not! I am not usurping your excellent content. Nor have I suddenly been blessed with a ton of amazing insight and information.  Its simply reflecting a few updates to categories and tags that I am making to existing content. None of the updates affects the author of each document (or shouldn't if I do it correctly).


As I am going thru this process, I again get to see just how much fantastic content our community members generate on a daily basis. It is truly awe inspiring. The depth and breadth of the materials address such a wide array of topics; it would be impossible to create this material as a single organization.  The power of the collective mind is a wonderful thing. I did want to highlight some common elements that are catching my eye (I am equipped with two eyes, but I only use one to catch, while using the other to juggle ... )


1. Please be judicious in the category assignment of 'New to QlikView'. Discussions of variables, macros, $ expansions etc are outside the realm of the typical 'Getting Started' guide.  Ensuring that these posts are in the correct categories (e.g. Development, Visualization, Integration) and tagged comprehensively, will ensure that when any newbie is looking for this content that it will be found quite easily.


2. The Resource>Document space is intended for members to share useful content with one another - tips, best practices, approaches to common problems.  Its a great place to search if you are looking for an existing document explaining how to solve or approach a particular task. But please refrain from posting questions or problems in the space.  Post questions and problems in the appropriate Discussion Forum where other members can offer advice and where you may already find a solution to your problem.


3. Please don't post existing QlikTech content or content belonging to another QlikView member. Release notes, QlikView manuals and blog posts are not appropriate to replicate or post verbatim in the Resource area as Documents. Links to said content are appropriate if these are then discussed in the context of a wider, or perhaps more detailed, thought.  E.g. you have found a collection of entries in the Discussion Forums related to Set Analysis, including a link to a solution; curating these into a single document with links to the individual posts and your own content reflecting the original problem and perhaps own experiences or approach is appropriate as a Document in QlikCommunity. Or if you wish to reference a particular section in the QlikView API Guide or a blog post on an QlikTech partner site, but further the conversation with your own thoughts, create a Document with links to the original material followed by your thoughts and insight.


Again thank you for all of the splendid content added to the QlikCommunity Resource site.

QlikCommunity is a great resource for posting questions, finding answers and collaborating with QlikView Experts. The recently upgraded platform includes more effective tools for adding and managing your friends, following their activities and sending them private messages. Here are the steps for Adding Friends, Receiving a Friend Request, Messaging and Removing Friends in QlikCommunity.

Add a Friend

A great way to get started or form collaborative partnerships in QlikCommunity is to follow top contributors, bloggers and people whose content you find interesting.

Click on that person’s name or avatar image on any QlikCommunity page to go to their Profile.

On their Profile page you can see several tabs with information about them.

  • Bio- profile image, details, points, expertise and personal biography.
  • Activity- displays feeds of their activities in areas which are public or where you are also a member with most recent at the top.
  • Content- allows you to view and sort through their content by type (document, blog post, discussion, idea etc).
  • Places- view the forums and groups where your friend is a member and/or active.
  • Bookmarks- view their bookmarks if they are set to public.
  • Reputation- view their badges, points and accomplished missions.

Click on the ‘Add as Friend’ button on the upper right hand corner.


add a friend.jpg


The button will change to ‘Awaiting Approval’ so that person can confirm if they want to add you as a friend.

Once they approve you as a friend you will receive a confirmation email and the Awaiting Approval button will change to ‘Following in 1 stream’

Adding a friend allows you:

  • Follow their activity feeds
  • Send personal messages
  • Share additional profile details


Following friend activities rob wunderlich.jpg


Receiving a Friend Request

You will receive an email notification when someone sends you a friend request. Click on the email or go to your Inbox and Activities to Reject, Accept or Ignore their request.


friend request in actions.jpg

Send a Message

Once you are friends in QlikCommunity you can send them a private message.

On their profile page click on the ‘Send a Message’ link just below their picture.

A message window will appear where you can additional recipients, add text, insert an image and @mention someone or a piece of content.


send a message picture.jpg


Removing a Friend

Occasionally you have accepted a friend request from someone who you don’t want to continue following, sharing information with or sending private messages to.

To remove a friend go to your Profile page, Friends Tab.

Locate the person you want to remove and click on the gear icon on the lower right hand side of their profile area and you can click on the ‘Remove as friend’ link.


Remove Friend.jpg


If you receive spam messages from any other members or something you consider to be inappropriate be sure to forward the communication to me sara.leslie@qlik.com so I can research the member and take any appropriate action. We hope you find these and other new functionalities useful.

The bookmarks functionality has changed a bit. Here are quick steps to Bookmark and access all of your favorite QlikCommunity content.


Go to a specific piece of content such as a Discussion Thread, Document or Blog Post


On the upper right hand side of the screen you will see ways to interact with the content (Follow / Share / Bookmark / Like)


Click on the Bookmark link and the Icon will turn red to confirm


bookmarked blog image.jpg


Click on the small cascading menu arrow if you want to edit or remove your Bookmark


bookmark blog image add bookmark.jpg


In Edit mode you have the option to Add Notes, @Mention, Tag and make Private.


bookmark pop up window.jpg


To access your Bookmarks go to your Profile

bookmark click on your profile.jpg


From your profile page select the Bookmarks tab


Here you can View and Edit your Bookmarks

bookmarks tab on profile.jpg


We hope you find this tip useful.

Welcome to the upgraded QlikCommunity. Thank you for your patience while we were offline making updates this weekend. During your next few visits take some time to check out the new navigation and functionality.


There are quite a few platform updates but I wanted to highlight some important ones for you.


You will now find your User Profile links on the right hand side of the page.

Here you can:

  • See and update your Personal Settings.
  • Click on your current points displayed on any community page to see your Reputation which includes details on your points and available Missions in QlikCommunity. Missions are new in QlikCommunity and a great way to learn more about community functionality and differentiate your expertise while earning points. If you click on ‘More’ you can learn more about your available missions.


blog post #2 imageA.png


You will find the navigation bar has been simplified- you can go directly to Content, People or places within the community.

On the QlikCommunity main index page you will see a few updates including:

  • New Resources area which contains all of the QlikCommunity Documents and QlikView Applications.
  • New Ideas area where you can submit or vote on various Ideas.
  • Blogs index page


blog post 2 image B.png

I will be posting additional tips and highlights over coming weeks but please feel free to post your questions, feedback or comments.

Best Regards

Hello QlikCommunity Members,


We are in the final stages of our community platform upgrade. This weekend, we will finalize the upgrade, and QlikCommunity will be unavailable from Friday Aug 16th 5pm PST till Monday Aug 19th.


Starting Monday Aug 19th QlikCommunity will have an improved experience including:

  • Improved Forums
  • A new Resources area
  • Revised Navigation
  • Blog Index page
  • Gamification
  • Customizable Activity Feeds
  • Enhanced Profile and Self Badging


We apologize for any inconvenience related to the scheduled downtime, and hope you’ll be happy with the improvements to QlikCommunity when the upgraded site is live.


Please feel free to post your questions, feedback or comments.

Best Regards


Hello Folks,


We have created a new Ideas Space within QlikCommunity so that all of the Ideas are centralized. This way you can create or vote on ideas on a variety of topics from one location. Over the next couple of days we will be migrating ideas out of individual forums to this new area as well as retiring closed ideas.

Have you wanted to suggest an idea but haven’t tried it yet? Here are some best practices:


  • Sort Ideas by Status- view both Active and Delivered Ideas to see if someone has already suggested something similar that you could support by voting on.
  • When you submit an Idea- be sure the title and summary are short, have all necessary details and that you have a clear and actionable recommendation.
  • We have a global audience- so if you want more votes and comments make sure your idea is easy to understand.
  • Be consistent with terminology- if you are referencing specific QlikView functionality be sure to use the same terms as found in the software.
  • Keep your value statement in mind- what value does your recommendation provide to other QlikView users and be sure to reinforce this in your Idea.


These tips should help your Idea be approved more quickly and encourage other members to vote on it. Be sure to take the time to review, vote & comment on other member’s ideas.


Your feedback is valuable to us and other QlikCommunity members!

Hello Members,


We are preparing QlikCommunity for a platform version upgrade which will include a number of enhancements which include:


  • Jive features tour and getting stated guides
  • Customizable Activity Streams
  • @mentioning
  • Improved points interface and display
  • User contextually enhanced search


We are targeting mid June for our upgrade and are currently working on some content clean up and restructuring. Here are some changes you can expect to see:


QlikView Applications – Removal of the QlikView Application Content type. All QlikView Applications will be converted by their owners into Document format with specific naming and tagging.

*If you own a QV Application we are posting detailed instructions on how to properly convert it to the new format and will also be available to assist you.


Forum Categories and Tags – We are currently evaluating categories and tags used in forums to see what updates are needed. Some categories may potentially become their own forums based off of activity and content type. Tags are always a challenge and during the upgrade we will try to standardize similar tags as much as possible to improve the tag clouds and search experience.


Resource Library - Documents will be moved into a new Resource Library area so you can more easily search on and find How-to Videos, Technical Guides, QlikView Applications, etc. Expect to also see additional standardization of categorization, naming and tagging for existing and new resources.


Broken link clean up - We always look for broken links in the community. As discussions and resources both inside and outside QlikCommunity move or are retired links become obsolete- if you see a broken link please post it here or email me at sli@qliktech.com so we can find a valid link to replace it or delete the reference.


If you have questions please feel free to share them!


Best Regards,

QlikCommunity Management Team


QlikCommunity offers relevant content for our viewers including a variety of Blogs which are updated frequently. We invite you to visit our different blogs and subscribe to the ones that interest you the most.


Navigating to our Blogs

You can access recent blog posts from the feed on the home page, or select Blog Posts from the Browse menu to see all the blogs.

subscribe to blog image a.jpg


Once you are on the main Blog page you can select the blog you want to visit from the right hand side of the page.

Our blogs.jpg

When you find a Blog which is interesting you may subscribe to it so that you receive a notification when a new post is published.


  1. Make sure you’re logged in


Subscribe to a blog image b.jpg

     2.       Subscribe via the Actions Menu

You may choose to subscribe to it in 2 different ways:

      • Receive email notifications
        • Select Receive email notifications and you will see a notice at the top of the page confirming that you will receive email updates when a new blog entry has posted.
        • The Receive email notifications button will also change to Stop email notifications which you can select if you would like to discontinue these updates.
      • View feeds
        • You may choose to add this blog feed to your RSS feed reader.
        • Click on the View feeds button and the next page will display a selection of RSS feed options for the Blog you just visited.

subscribe to a blog image c.jpg


      3.      Select the Blog feed you want to subscribe to

          The system will open your RSS feed tool and follow the steps to subscribe as set by your particular RSS reader tool.

          (I use Chrome so this screen shot shows my view)


subscribe to a blog image d.jpg

Your subscription should now be enabled.

Have you seen our new comic book? It’s a super entertaining look at how QlikView empowers IT to deliver self-service Business Intelligence to business users. If not please take a moment to read QlikView Unleashed- a Business Discovery Odyssey where IT helps users conquer business challenges.




Please tell us who your favorite character is or if you have an idea for our next comic book installment.

We are excited to launch the redesigned QlikCommunity home page today, and hope you find it more useful and visually engaging.


home page redesign for blog.jpg

Here are some of the major benefits from the new homepage design:


  • Improved navigation to make it easier to find relevant Forums and Resources
  • Simplified persistent header and toolbars to optimize content display above the fold
  • Better display and differentiation of meaningful content: Featured Content, Blog Posts, Discussions, Popular Content and Latest Resources


With the redesigned home page we think you will find relevant content more quickly and improve your overall experience with QlikCommunity. You will also see improvements throughout the community such as:


  • Simplified and visually refreshed Community Topic, Start a Discussion and Create a Document pages
  • Improved organization and use of color for Ideas and Groups pages


We are always working on improvements and hope you find these changes helpful. Please leave a comment or message me if you have any questions or feedback. 

We know how important it is to gather and share information via social networks. We recently launched a nifty new social media toolbar on the QlikView.com website AND QlikCommunity.


social media toolbar image.jpg


Business Discovery Blog- See the most recent blog posts

Facebook- See our most recent postings, Share and Like content with your Facebook friends

Twitter- Follow us or retweet from the QlikView Twitter channel

Share- Share the page you’re visiting with your social media contacts

Forward- Share the page you’re visiting with notes via email






Now you can quickly and easily access our different social media channels or share pages with your friends using this tool from the left hand side of any page in QlikCommunity. We’re always working to innovate and hope you like it .

Hello QlikCommunity Members,


I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we just launched the new QlikView Expressor sub-community on Friday August 10th. This area is all about the Qlikview Expressor product and is where you can ask or answer questions or view resources and tutorials. Our dedicated Expressor experts are on hand to answer questions and facilitate your learning experience.


Hugo Sheng- Community Manager and Moderator

Hugo recently joined QlikTech via the Expressor acquisition in June 2012.  Hugo was responsible for both Pre and Post Sales at Expressor and has 15 years of Data Warehousing and Data Integration/BI experience.  Hugo is currently focused on QlikView Expressor sales, services, and enablement.

hugo sheng image.jpg

Michael Tarallo- Moderator and Business Discovery Blogger

Michael has 16 years of Business Intelligence and Data Integration experience and supports positioning, messaging and sales enablement activities for QlikView Expressor. Michael is already contributing to the Business Discovery Blog and QlikCommunity by helping to show you the art of what’s possible with QlikView and QlikView Expressor.

michael tarallo image.jpg

John Lifter- Moderator

John has over 5 years experience with the Expressor Data Integration product. He is also a documentation expert and principal customer success engineer and is responsible for post-sales customer mentoring and training for QlikView Expressor.

john lifter image moderator.jpg


Take some time to drop by and post a question or comment for the team.

Sara Leslie

Meet our Moderators

Posted by Sara Leslie Aug 8, 2012

I wanted to take a moment to introduce several of our QlikCommunity Moderators who you can easily recognize by the large green moderator Icon. Our team is happy to assist you at any time so feel free to post a question in the QlikCommunity Help area if you need help or have feedback for us.


            John Trigg from our Product Management team.

John has been with QlikTech since 2008. Originally PM for the Developer and Desktop product line, he now has a focus on Analytics and the QlikView Platform. You can easily find John in our Ideas section of QlikCommunity. Have you looked at and voted on any Ideas submitted by other QlikCommunity Members? If not then please take a minute to stop by.

John moderator image.jpg


Bill Britt from our Support team.

Bill moderates throughout QlikCommunity but focuses his time in the Deployment and Management area. He has been with QlikView for over 5 years and started out as a consultant and a trainer for all of the software as well as a Train the Trainer.  He moved to Third line Support about 2 years ago and just last month to become a DSE (Designated Support Engineer) working with QlikTech’s biggest customers.

bill moderator image.jpg


Miguel Angel Baeyens from our Expert Services team.

Miguel moderates throughout the community but focuses on our Development QlikView Desktop, Deployment and Management, QlikCommunity Help and New to QlikView areas. Miguel joined QlikTech in February 2012 and has been working in the Expert Services team involved with all kinds of enterprise deployments in Spain. But he was previously a top contributor in QlikCommunity as a QlikView Partner over the last 3 years. He really likes the technical part of the product from the developer point of view: scripting, object designing and expressions. He is also interested in the infrastructure part: Server, Publisher, clustered environments.

Miguel moderator image.jpg


Sara Leslie In my role as the community manager I also moderate throughout the community but focus on the QlikCommunity Help area.


Sara moderator image.jpg


Thanks John, Bill and Miguel for your hard work and dedication with helping members of QlikCommunity with all types of questions and ideas.

I attended my first ever Qonnections Summit this year in Miami Florida. What a great event with over 900 partner attendees and so much creative energy. To me the best part of the summit was being able to meet so many of our QlikCommunity contributors in person to collaborate, share ideas and gather feedback. It seemed like every time I turned around there was someone I have worked with online and finally had the opportunity to see in person.


Highlights included:


  • Corporate Strategy Presentations- QlikTech Executives shared their perspectives on BI trends and QlikView.
  • InterQonnections City – Area for Partners to collaborate and see QlikView 3rd party demos.
  • Program Sessions- Run by QlikTech program managers, experts and even partners about all kinds of QlikView programs, best practices and tools.


Our team along with two of our top QlikCommunity partner contributors Oleg Troyansky and Rob Wunderlich presented a session on community best practices. We had attendees ranging from experienced community members with valuable feedback to those who are new and looking at how to get started. My thanks to Oleg and Rob who shared some really valuable tips as partners who have helped so many people in QlikCommunity.


We also hosted our 2nd Social Media get-together with all kinds of partners who are active in QlikCommunity, Twitter and Blogging.


Thanks to everyone who attended and looking forward to hosting this event again at Qonnections 2013.


Qonnections 2012 Social Media Meet Up Lg file.jpg

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