Where are we today?


Since the launch of Qlik Sense Cloud in 2014 we have seen rapid growth in our cloud community, which now includes over 100,000 users worldwide.  We continue to expand and improve our offerings and today we offer multiple different subscription levels:  Qlik Sense in 60 - Introducing Qlik Sense Cloud Business - YouTube


  • Qlik Sense Cloud Basic: Basic app creation and sharing for individuals; a great way to get started with Qlik Sense for free. Individual users can upgrade to Qlik Sense Cloud Plus for unlimited sharing and to accommodate more data storage and larger app sizes.
  • Qlik Sense Cloud Business: Group-level governance, a collaborative work space, data connectivity, and scheduled data refreshes supporting groups, teams and small businesses.


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You can even sign up in-product for a free 14-day trial of Qlik Sense Cloud Business.


What’s New?


Qlik Sense Cloud is built to be cloud native using microservices architecture, and our cloud development team follows an agile development methodology.  What this means to you is that our software is constantly updated with the newest features and UI enhancements automatically - you never have to worry about manual upgrades.


Recently we’ve focused on adding more data connectivity options in Qlik Sense Cloud Business. These options help users get more value out of Qlik’s associative engine by bringing multiple data sources together and uncovering insights across them.

Cloud Business connectivity options available now (or coming in June) include:

What’s Cooking @ Qlik

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Last week at Qonnections, we were able to get a sneak-peek into the future direction of Qlik’s Cloud Strategy -  A True Hybrid Cloud Platform.


The reality is that we have reached the tipping point with just about as many companies choosing to deploy BI in the cloud as on-premises.  But, with a true Hybrid Cloud Analytics Platform, customers will not have to choose between either on-premises or cloud deployments.  They can use both together – seamlessly – and flexibly shift workloads to the cloud over time as their cloud strategies mature.



Don’t Be Fooled by Poor Imitations

hybrid cloud2.png.jpg


So, the big idea here is that On-Premises OR Cloud shouldn’t have to be a question....just like users shouldn’t have to choose a different experience at their desktop or on a mobile device – or online or off-line for that matter.  BI Solutions shouldn’t drive your technology strategy. They should support it.  And, to be truly effective, BI needs to exist at the point of decision – anywhere.