In the last of our three part follow-up to Qonnections, we explore the movement in the industry from BI to AI.


Business Intelligence (BI) has a long tradition of relying on an army of people to define, build, and maintain both quantitative and visual views into data.  This army of BI experts have done (and still do) some truly amazing work but at the same time - reliance on this team can often lead to a bottle-neck slowing analytic progress.  In the past few years, analysis tools have become much easier to use, of course.  And, as with Qlik Sense, this opens the analytic door to a much broader range of business users.


However, business users vary greatly in their level of understanding of statistical functions and visualization methods.  So, despite solving the problem of accessibility, today's results can still sometimes be mixed.  Some people strongly believe that the way to solve this problem lies in a shift from BI to AI or Artificial Intelligence.  In this vision of the future, the machine takes center stage and drives the path to insight.  IBM Watson's success on the game show Jeopardy is an often cited example of what AI looks like: a machine standing on its own leading the way against the inferior human mind.


That is not our vision at all!  At Qlik, we believe that the human mind is an incredible resource and that AI can stand for something else.....something centered on the human, not the machine.... forget Artificial Intelligence our focus is Augmented Intelligence.  This isn't really a new idea.  Steve Jobs understood this when he said "the computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."  Like a bicycle's ability to multiply a human's locomotion ability, Augmented Intelligence has the ability to super power the human intuition, visual perception, and deduction.


Here is another way to think about it for those of you that are Star Trek fans.  One of the many reasons that Star Trek was such a great show was because ...although the human was still Captain, he greatly benefited from the inclusion of the purely logical Spock.    Spock helped to mitigate some of the well known issues of human intuition such as bias, emotion, and poor memory.  So will Augmented Intelligence.   Instead of running the ship, like Artificial Intelligence might aspire to do, Augmented Intelligence guides and informs - enhancing the ability of the Captain (you) to boldly go where no man has before.


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The idea of Augmented Intelligence will play out in many ways.  Today, you can already see this taking shape in Qlik Sense through Visual Data Prep as well as through our ability to tie into Advanced Analytics such as R and Python through Server Side Extensions.  Going forward you will likely see additional integration such as an 'Insights Board' where Qlik Sense is expected to recommend visualizations and insights based on the data model auto-magically.  And a little more In the future, we are expecting to see the inclusion of the Qlik Cognitive Rules Engine which will provide even further support for Augmented Intelligence. 


Stay tuned.... now where did I put my tricorder?