The Qlik NPrinting June 2017 is now available from our Customer Download SIte.  


Capabilities include:


  • Extension Support for Qlik NPrinting – The ability to include most third-party extensions in Qlik NPrinting reports.
  • Metadata Reload Scheduling for Qlik NPrinting - Ability to schedule metadata reloads for Qlik NPrinting ensuring that developers always see the most recently built objects when building reports
  • Various Qlik Nprinting™ API Enhancements
    • User Selection State– Enhanced APIs to capture user selections and apply these to reports in Qlik NPrinting making On-Demand Reporting for Qlik Sense possible.  (This capability already exists in QlikView as a plug-in.)
    • Management - ability to build, modify and delete users, distribution groups and filters via the API which supports the management of users based on external systems.
    • Task Execution – ability to filter and run a Qlik NPrinting report distribution to multiple users based on an external scheduler or trigger.
    • Task & Connection Monitoring - Real-time task monitoring for Qlik NPrinting Administrative functionality which allows administrators to see Qlik NPrinting activity in real time.


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