Warning: This is not actually a  "product".... just a cool example of what is possible with Qlik Sense.

Those of you that attended Qonnections would have seen an exciting presentation on the main stage by Todd Margolis showcasing something called the Qlik Sense Bot.  The Bot was originally developed by our colleague Juan Gerado Cabeza as a simple way to demonstrate what is possible with the Qlik platform and its robust set of APIs.

What is a Bot you may ask?

You already know some popular bots – Siri, Cortana, Alexa and of course Google. These are all programs designed to perform tasks, such as setting an alarm, telling you the weather, searching online or even ordering a pizza. So why not have a bot tell you who your top sales people are, alert you when profit margin reaches 20%  – or - even have it send you charts and reports directly to your device?  The possibilities are endless.  In just a matter of hours (ok, a weekend), Juan was able to do just that.  He created an analytical assistant that turns Qlik data visualization into conversational analytics. To shed a little more light here is an excellent clip by our resident video expert Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter



Remember the Qlik Sense Bot IS NOT a product provided by Qlik, but rather an interesting concept that demonstrates the art of the possible when using the Qlik platform and its APIs.  In addition to being fun, it is easy to see how this innovative use of the APIs could be applied in many real-world situations. Bots can be used by anyone, anywhere, on any device and at any time – scheduling automated tasks and providing access to information when and where you need it – reducing complexities, and increasing availability of insight by simply having a conversation.

If you want even more information about this innovative use of our APIs, please consider joining The Qlik Community Chatbot Group