The responsive design of Qlik Sense allows apps to be developed once and deployed anywhere. This makes the developer’s life easier but there are still a couple of things to keep in mind when you are building your app.


Object Positioning – On a small device like a phone, Qlik Sense will redisplay the page by ordering objects in a single column. The order of displayed objects is determined by a top to bottom, left to right fashion. Meaning that the object that sits in the top left corner of the full dashboard will be displayed first, next the object to the right of the first object will be displayed. So if you are going to build out a dashboard, it makes sense to build it horizontally and not vertically.




Chart Titles and Subtitles - Using chart titles and subtitles ensures that objects can be interpreted by the users who are looking at your chart as a single object.


Titles and SubTitles1.png      Titles and SubTitles2.png


Text and Image Objects - I would recommend that you use text and image objects wisely. In small device mode, images and text can look out of place as they shift positions to accommodate the viewing area of a small device.


Text and Image.png       Text and Image bad.png


So if you keep small devices in mind when you are building your app, you can be sure that all users will have the best user experience possible. Happy Qliking!