Since my last blog where I created a Google Annotation Chart (Google Annotation Chart - Qlik Sense Extension and Angular Directive), I thought it would be interesting to add more extensions based on Google's visualization library.


Here I created a simple gauge based on Google's Gauge found at Visualization: Gauge  |       Charts  |       Google Developers.


  • Download the zip file as found at the end of this blog,
  • unzip it in your extensions folder, C:\Users<user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\GoogleGaugeChart
  • Open your Helpdesk app and drag and drop the extension into the canvas
  • As for the first measure put
    Count( {$<Priority={'High'}, Status -={'Closed'} >} Distinct %CaseId )
    with a label "High Priority Cases"
  • For the second measure, put
    Count( {$<Status -={'Closed'} >} Distinct %CaseId )
  • with a label "Total Closed Cases"
  • Make selections and see the Gauge animate



Coming up: Extension settings...