Hey Guys! - Happy Friday! Yep I'm blogging on Friday this week and our Demo and Design Team will be taking my usual Tuesday slot next week, to blog about something many of you have been waiting for (mark my words) I think you ALL are going to love it - so until then you'll have to deal with me for today. So what difference does that make to you for today's blog?!?! Absolutely nothing!


Seriously though - back in September, with the announcement of Qlik Sense September 2017 Qlik Sense September 2017 - What's New - I made mention of an Extension Certification Pilot program which will allow extension authors to submit their extensions to Qlik for review, to be certified and supported by the author for use within the Qlik platform. So in this blog I am making good on my promise to update you on the progress of this with some detailed information that should answer a few questions.


In the November 20017 -  What's New in Qlik Sense November 2017 we made mention that certified extensions are now going to have some badging to identify that they are certified -- and that they will be made available on Qlik Market - our online partner solution showcase. However - we have had some members and partners with additional questions and I think the answers will benefit everyone.


What extensions are certified? (There is currently no badging or filter on Qlik Branch for these items)

The only certified extensions currently are the ones that we are planning to put on Qlik Sense Cloud in the near future. Once certified they will automatically be part of Qlik Sense Cloud and be available for installation with Qlik Sense Desktop and Enterprise. (available form Qlik Market)


Do you have any extensions that will be certified first?


These 4 are on the certification list, and final certification will be made shortly:


It’s important to note that the versions of these extensions available on Branch are NOT certified. Certified versions will only be available for use on Qlik Sense Cloud or available for download from Qlik Market (market.qlik.com). Only the versions on Qlik Market will be badged. The plan is for those versions on Qlik Branch to be the open source, work-in-progress versions, subject to change at any time, and therefore, can’t be certified.


What does certification entail for our customers, partners, community ?

For a customer, certification doesn’t entail anything different except using the certified version. For developers (whether they be our customers or partners, or outside of those communities) the certification process will mean submitting the extension to be run through a battery of tests to ensure that they run correctly, don’t use any undocumented APIs, contain no malicious code, and some other tests. If they want the extension to be listed on Qlik Market, there is another check that the QM team makes before they can be posted (mostly around brand compliance and usability).


How can I submit and extension?

The "official" certification program is not yet in place. The four extensions we certified were Qlik-created. We are not yet ready to accept outside submissions for certification but will have a process in place early next year, so please stay tuned.


Hope this information is helpful to you all and if you have any questions please post them below and I'll do my best to address them for you.


Have a great weekend everyone!



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