layout.pngHey guys - I recently was inspired at Qonnections 2018 by our Big Data Qlik IoT Race game, so much so that I had to understand how it all worked and wanted to play with the underlying technology. Aside from gathering the statistics and providing an analysis on the results, I was really interested in learning about those little devices or "things" that were connected to the track. However, how would I use something like that? Not really knowing anything about Arduino, WEMOS and IoT in general, I set out on a mission to learn about this fascinating technology while incorporating somethings I enjoy such as Qlik and retro-gaming. Take a look how I made IoT interesting and fun to learn, by incorporating a Retrogaming spin and of course added some Qlik Sense data analysis.



5-9-2018 9-47-26 PM.png

Atari Action Analysis Dashboard




Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think by leaving your questions and comments. I'll do my best to respond.


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