Football season is almost over, only the Champions League winner is undecided yet, but soon the fútbol - football, soccer -  aficionado’s eyes will turn to this summer's tournament. Honestly, I can’t wait, this is the competition we all have been patiently waiting for the last four years. A long wait, especially if your team had a very disappointing tournament last time. No, it wasn’t a good 2014 World Cup for Spain.


If you are anything like me, you’d probably have already memorized each group’s teams, imagined any possible what-if scenario, and visualized your team’s captain getting that gorgeous golden trophy by July the 15th. We want to help you to take your guesses to the next level, and have a little bit of fun and competition.


Choose your Champion app will let you predict how this summer’s competition will finish, and more.




How it works


Our bracket is bit more sophisticated that most, we have created a data-driven experience. Each one of the decision points in the app has been enhanced with data, so when you pick a team to end up in the first place of a group, you can corroborate if your gut feeling matches with our data predictions. If you are doubtful about a knockout game winner simply check the stats and make an informed decision.


The process is simple, select first and second place in the groups stage, the bars next to the team names will tell you who is more likely to move to the next stage. Then in knockout round, check the gauge and the extended stats and pick the winner of each match to complete the bracket. Finally decide your tournament winner, and share it with your friends.


But there’s more


This year, we also want you to be able to track your bracket and check how do you rank among other people.


We added a simple login system using Facebook - no, we are not getting any of your personal data, not even your Facebook name nor email - and now you will be able to submit and save your bracket safely.  After the tournament have started, we will provide each one of you with a score based on how many predictions you got right.


You can use the Choose Your Champion score to compete against your friends and coworkers privately and beat them all!


Enjoy and share it!