Our David Freriks is back introducing a free, open source utility that provides a visual exploration front end that helps you understand the “big data” that exists inside the Cloudera data lake. It allows a user to visually understand how to create fully interactive Qlik apps on the data of interest to them.


Cloudera Data Lake Explorer is Qlik Associative Engine API based application that leverages metadata from Cloudera (Impala, Navigator, Manager) to browse the width of the data lake and build a self-service Qlik Sens application with no scripting required.  The explorer interface uses the power of the Qlik Associative Engine to show how all the metadata correlates between databases, tables, columns, metadata tags, and sql queries. Watch the video below to learn more.


This application has been published to Qlik Branch (http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/5afb0d76fefa01686177560d ) and is hosted on Github. The Cloudera Data Explorer is a new take on how to use the power of Qlik to navigate, understand, and leverage big data in a way that simplifies the experience for the exploratory user.




David Freriks (@dlfreriks) | Twitter




David is a Technology Evangelist on the Innovation and Design team at Qlik. He has been working in the "big data" space for over three years, starting with Hadoop and moving onto Spark in this continuously evolving ecosystem. He has 18+ years in the BI space, helping launch new products to market.