Hi all QlikView users,


As you may or may not know, most software will at some point, reach the end of its supported life and that is true for QlikView 11 too.

QlikView 12 was released on the 8th December 2015, which means that QlikView 11.20 will be supported until 8th December 2017.  Our support policy for QlikView and NPrinting is that a major version is supported for an additional 2 years from the date the next major version was released.


That also means that NPrinting 16 will reach end of life soon on 16th February 2018.    So just to clarify again


QlikView 11.20 End of Life 8 December 2017 *.

NPrinting 16 End of Life 16 February 2018. now extended to 8 December 2018.


* NOTE ADDED 18 May 2017:  QlikView 11.20 now has an option to purchase Extended Support, which will add another year to support for QlikView 11.20 (with conditions and an extra cost over and above normal maintenance, a formal announcement will follow) - See later blog post : https://community.qlik.com/blogs/supportupdates/2017/09/11/qlikview-1120-end-of-life-moved-back-to-31-march-2018


Thank you for choosing Qlik software!



Global Support Team