Hi all QlikView 11.20 users,


It is with mixed emotions that we announce the release of QlikView 11.20 SR17, this is the last planned service release on the QlikView 11 track and almost marks the end of the line for QlikView 11.  You can find 11.20 SR17 on our download site.  Normal support for QlikView 11.20 ends on the 8th of December 2017 31 March 2018  and unless you are planning to purchase the extended support option for QlikView 11 we encourage you to plan your upgrade to QlikView 12.10 as soon as possible.    For more information on this please see Knowledge article 000033679 https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CaseWizardKnowledgeArticle?id=ka5D00000004UeaIAE (you need to be logged in to the portal to see the article).


11.20 SR17 contains 12 bug fixes and you can find information on these fixes in the attached relase notes.  Please note, as with 11.20 SR16, SR17 is also compatible with TLS 1.2.


Thank you for choosing QlikView 11.20 and we look forward to supporting you on QlikView 12 in future.


Kind regards

Global Support Team