Dear Qlik Sense user,


We are pleased to announce that Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1 (Build number 11.11.2) is now available on the download site. Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1 contains 4 bug fixes and the details on these can be found in the attached release notes.


What is new with this release is that it is ONLY downloadable as a patch and no full installation will be provided.  Going forward, you will be required to install the base release and then apply the patch version on top of that.  The patches are accumulative so there will be no need to perform incremental upgrades, e.g., you can go from the base version to Patch 3 with no issues.  Lastly, the patches can be uninstalled at any time, leaving the base installation in place.


As always, thank you for choosing Qlik software.


Kind regards

Global Support Team