Dear QlikView and Qlik Sense users and designers,


We would just like to draw your attention to some changes which are planned to be introduced in Qlik Sense and QlikView in upcoming releases.  Tentatively these changes will be introduced in November 2017 and Henric Cronström details the changes very nicely in the QlikView Design Blog, see post : https://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2017/09/11/quotes-in-set-analysis?et=blogs.comment.created#comment-62566.   Please read the blog post, you can also join the conversation around the changes.


Why are we doing these changes?

Today, the QIX engine has some bugs in the area of a search and a subsequent select. These affect both interactive searches and searches in Set Analysis expressions. We are working on fixing them. However, one of these coming bug fixes may cause some backward incompatibility. This post explains what the bug fix will mean, and what you can do to avoid future problems.

Will the changes break your existing documents? No, the changes are implemented in such a way that "old" documents created in earlier versions can still use the "old" search and select behavior and new documents will use the new behavior.   But a system administrator will have the opportunity to change the default behavior, full details will be provided closer to the official release of the changes.


Kind regards

Global Support Team

Dear Qlik Sense users


We are pleased to confirm that the latest release of Qlik Sense, September 2017 is now available on our download site.    September 2017 is a feature release and includes several new features and more than 40 bug fixes.    For details on new features please see http://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Content/WhatsNew/What-is-new-Sept2017.htm.   The attached release notes include details of all bug fixes included in this release.


Qlik Sense Mobile for iOS is also available in the Apple Enterprise store.   This is the first release of Qlik's new Mobile app for iOS on iPads and allows users to connect to a Sense September 2017 Enterprise server to download a local copy of a Sense document.  See the attached FAQ document for more information around functionality and limitations.


Remember when upgrading any software to follow best practice and back up all of your applications, repository and settings.


Thank you for choosing Qlik.


Kind regards

Global Support Team

Hi all Qlik Web Connector users,


Please note that Google Adwords will be sunsetting their API version 201609 and it will stop accepting requests from 2nd October 2017.

Qlik Web Connectors version 2.2.0 has updated the API to version 201702 which is fully compatible with the new Google Adwords API.


For more information on Google Adwords 201702 see http://googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.se/2017/02/announcing-v201702-of-adwords-api.html and changes see https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/reference/release-notes/v201708#v201702NOTE companyName column is no longer available in the Customers table.


Therefore if you are using the older version of Qlik Web Connectors and your reloads start failing, please upgrade your QWC version.


Please also note that Facebook Graph API v2.4 will reach end of life on 9 October.    This may affect QVSource users, please make sure you move to the latest version.


Kind regards

Global Support Team.

Hello all NPrinting users,


Qlik NPrinting September 2017 is now available on our download site.  This latest release includes more than a dozen bug fixes and improvements of the overall product stability.  In addition, this release also includes new features like Report Cycles, Import and Export of Reports and Object filters for Qlik Sense charts.  Please see the attached release notes for details regarding the bug fixes, improvements and new features.


As always, thank you for choosing Qlik software.


Kind regards,

Global Support Team

Dear QlikView 11.20 users


Qlik has now confirmed that the previously announced End of Life for QlikView 11.20 has been delayed by 3 months.   Support for QlikView 11.20 will now end on 31 March 2018.   Customers or partners who wish to continue using QlikView 11.20 after this date will need to purchase the Extended Support offering - you can find full details and limitations of the Extended Support offer in Knowledgebase Article number 33679, published in the Support Portal.


Please note that NPrinting 16 support has also been extended until 31 March 2019, but at no extra cost to users.


We encourage our users to upgrade to QlikView 12.10 or later releases as soon as possible.   If you need help or assistance please contact your account manager, services or support team.


Kind regards

Global Support Team

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