Hi all QlikView, Qlik Sense and NPrinting users


November is a bumper month for new releases and yesterday we released new versions of Qlik Sense, QlikView and NPrinting as well as Qlik Sense Mobile.


Qlik Sense November 2017 - the latest feature release for Qlik Sense.  New features such as:

  • Keyboard navigation in Sense apps.   Tab away!
  • Details dialog in Data Manager
  • Additional functions in Calculated Fields
  • Visualization and usability improvements
  • New ODBC connectors - Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery
  • SAML single logout
  • Plus a number of bug fixes


QlikView November 2017 - the latest feature release for QlikView - 12.20.   New features including:

  • Analytic Connections
  • WebClient improvements
  • Shared file stability improvements
    • Shared file cleaning
  • PGO buffering - improved user experience and performance
  • Export in XLSX format
  • More than 150 customer bug fixes - for full details please see support portal KB article number 000042265


Qlik NPrinting November 2017 - the latest feature release for NPrinting - 17.6.   New features including:

  • Embed HTML and QlikEntity report in to emails
  • Configurable image quality
  • More stable APIs
  • Windows Server 2016 support
  • QlikView 12.10 SR8 and later supported
  • Several bug fixes

Qlik Sense Mobile November 2017

  • A new demo server for Qlik Sense apps, for both online and offline use
  • Navigation improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • iOS integration improvements
  • Bug fixes


All of these releases (except for Mobile) are available on our download site.   For additional information please see the attached release notes.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Global Support.


Kind regards

Global Support Team