We have now released an updated version of our SAP Certified connector.


The big news in this release is the addition of a brand new connector which has native support for Qlik Sense 3.0 and higher. The InfoProvider Connector enables a user to self serve against two InfoProvider types which include InfoCubes and MultiProviders within SAP BW.


Some additional features include:


BEx Connector

  • Supports queries on Transient providers.
  • Improved memory handling in the SAP part of the connector has increased the capacity to use big BEx queries. There is still, however, a maximum limit of the number of rows that can be downloaded, depending on the memory settings in each SAP system.


SQL Connector

Two new connection string properties are available:

  • FLTPLegacy for setting the transfer format for floating point data to either string

    values with scientific notation or decimal format. SAP

  • TIMSLegacy for setting the transfer format for date-time values when writing to

    QVDs. SAP

  • Together with the connection string properties MixedMode and NulldateLegacy,

    which were introduced in version 6.3.2 of the connector, it is now possible to customize the connector to keep a previous behavior regarding how SAP data types are treated in Qlik.




The release is available today from the product download page.

Many thanks

The Products Team.