Qlik customers & partners are invited to join the Qlik NPrinting November 2017 Technical Preview. This Preview includes some improvements, bug fixes and the following new capabilities:


Embed HTML and QlikEntity report into email bodies

You can embed HTML and QlikEntity reports directly into email bodies. Recipients will be able to see your data directly, without having to download and open an attachment.

Configurable image quality APIs status changed to Stable

You can change the image quality of Qlik Sense and QlikView objects by adjusting their dots per inch (DPI) in your published reports. This means you could create, for example, a PowerPoint report with high-quality images (that will look good on a large screen), and a second version with lower-quality images (and a smaller file size) to be shared by email. This feature covers a gap with QlikView NPrinting 16.

APIs status changed to Stable

Qlik NPrinting APIs, all available APIs, status is changed from experimental to stable. This means that Qlik NPrinting APIs are highly

reliable and breaking changes are extremely unlikely. The deprecation period is six months.

Microsoft Windows 2016 Server is supported

Microsoft Windows 2016 Server is now officially supported. You can install Qlik NPrinting Server, Engine, and Designer on Windows 2016 computers.

QlikView 12.10 SR8 is supported

QlikView 12.10 SR8 Server and Desktop are now officially supported. You can install QlikView 12.10 SR8 Desktop on Qlik NPrinting Engine computers and create connections to QlikView Server 12.10 SR8.


Please use the community to create, participate, and follow discussions on this new release of Qlik NPrinting.


If you have any question or have issues accessing the community please send an email to insight@qlik.com.


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