We have now released an updated version of our SAP Certified connector.


Now available within this release is an updated BAPI connector which now has native support for Qlik Sense. In addition, there are a number of improvements to the connector including:


BAPI Connector

  • Multiple BAPI outputs can now be handled in one execution (Qlik Sense)
  • Possible to call a BAPI with no output (Qlik Sense)
  • Improved search for BAPIs with one or more wildcards (*) now supported

Some additional improvements include:

BEx Connector

  • Text fields for all selected dimensions are now added when adding data in Qlik Sense.

Extractor Connector

  • The Qlik Network Server has a redesigned logging functionality. It is now possible to change log levels during runtime and to capture meta data and data rows (for TRFC method only). See the online help for more details.


Please see the attached release notes for full details on the changes and improvements contained within this release.


The release is available today from the product download page.

Many thanks

Dean Ansermoz