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Last updated June 11, 2012.


Q: What is the QlikView extension for Chatter?

A: In August 2011 we announced that we built a prototype QlikView extension for Salesforce Chatter (see press release). To build this extension we worked with a partner, Centerstance Inc. With this prototype we showed that it is possible for QlikView users to benefit from Chatter’s social collaboration, and Chatter users to have visibility to insights discovered in QlikView. We are currently working on moving this extension from prototype into production.


Q: I am a QlikTech customer who is using and I’d like to get started on using this extension. How much does it cost and how do I begin?

A: We have not yet decided if or how we will make a QlikView extension for Chatter available to customers and partners. The extension we created in fall 2011 was a prototype.


Q: What are the key capabilities of the QlikView extension for Chatter? What does the extension look and feel like?

A: With this extension, QlikView and Chatter users can ask and answer questions related to QlikView apps and the data within them—in the context of QlikView, or the context of the Chatter web application. In QlikView, a user can create bookmarks, which preserve the state (the selections the user has made) of the application. When another user clicks on those bookmarks—either in the QlikView extension or the Chatter web application—they are taken to that state of the QlikView app. The Chatter discussion is visible and accessible to the user directly within the context of QlikView. See screen shots below and check out this one-minute video showing the QlikView extension for Chatter.


Chatter integration snapshot.png

  Screen shot showing Chatter group w QV bookmarks.JPG


Q: What “glue code” is needed on the back end to get QlikView working securely with our Salesforce organization?

A: The QlikView extension for Chatter requires that a server-side component for authentication support be installed on the QlikView Server. This component currently requires that Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) be installed on the same machine as the QlikView Server.


Q: How much work is required to get the extension up and running? How long will it take?

A: A customer running QlikView and Salesforce should expect the installation of a QlikView extension for Chatter to be fairly straightforward.


Q: Does this announcement mean that QlikTech is focusing on partnerships rather than continuing to build out the social and collaboration capabilities of QlikView?

A: No. QlikTech takes a two-pronged approach to social Business Discovery. We provide social and collaboration capabilities as part of QlikView for customers that want to deliver this functionality to users in the context of their decision apps. And we integrate with enterprise social and collaboration platforms for customers that have already made investments in collaboration tools. An example of this is that we provide the AccessPoint portal for customers that want an integrated portal where users can find and access the apps they have security rights to access, and we also provide integration with Microsoft SharePoint for customers that would rather use that. You can expect to see QlikTech continue to build out QlikView’s native social and collaboration capabilities and at the same time integrate with an ever-broader range of enterprise social and collaboration platforms. For more information, please see these related resources:




Q: What are some examples of how customers could use a QlikView extension for Chatter?

A: A QlikView extension for Chatter is useful during all phases of the QlikView app lifecycle. In the early phases while a team of business users, power users, data wranglers, or developers is creating and refining a QlikView app, they can use the Chatter extension to discuss the app’s behavior, the data, desired capabilities, changes needed, etc. Then when the app is considered “production ready” and deployed to a broader set of people, users can then use Chatter to communicate their questions, answers, and observations about the data and the insights they are gleaning from the QlikView app. Any QlikView app can benefit from this added social capability.


Q: How many customers are using the QlikView extension for Salesforce chatter today?

A: The QlikView extension for Chatter is a prototype; we do not have customers using it.

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