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We are pleased to announce that Service Release 2 is currently in final testing and is scheduled for release on 20 April.

Once released, you will be able to download the installation files from




This is just a friendly reminder that support for QlikView version 8.X will expire at the end of May 2011.

Version 8.0 was first shipped in May 2007, with version 8.20 released in November 2007 and version 8.50 released in June 2008. QlikTech's current support policy is to provide support for a major version for 2 years after it is replaced by the next major version. With version 9 coming out in May 2009 the clock started ticking on version 8 support, and this will run out soon.

You can download the installation files for version 9 or 10 from our download site. We strongly recommend that you follow industry best practices when changing or upgrading any software!

Version 8 has been a fantastic tool. We will be sorry to close this chapter of QlikView history and would like to thank our customers for all their support.

QlikView Global Support


As we move towards more frequent releases of version updates, QlikTech R&D have decided to release an Update for version 10 SR1 for QlikView Desktop. The build number for this release is 10.00.8815.

What is the difference between a Customer Patch, an Update and a Service Release?

All releases are incremental and will include all code changes implemented after the previous Service Release. However the release and testing cycle differs between the different types of releases:

  • Customer Patch - the most basic release and generally not rigorously tested. Generally aimed at fixing a particular production critical issue affecting a customer
  • Update - basic testing is completed on the code changes implemented. Generally issue(s) which may affect more than one customer
  • Service Release - full comprehensive testing cycle completed including full regression testing

The element of risk when using the different types of releases will differ. Customer Patches by their nature have a greater chance of unintended issues than Updates and the least risk applies to using a Service Release.

This "Update" only affects QlikView Desktop. If you have experienced any of the problems below and would like a copy of this release, please log a case through the Customer Portal or Partner Portal, respectively.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Bug 35328: Developer crashes when creating charts with cyclic group
  • Bug 35369: QlikView Desktop crashes when creating a bar chart with drill down group
  • Bug 35363: "Unexpected Exception occurred" when adding a drill down group
  • Bug 35341: QV Windows lost focus by editing Drilldown Groups
  • Bug 35330: Clicking OK when editing Dimension Cycle Group hangs QlikView Developer, no exception generated

Support during Christmas and New Year period:

As the Christmas and New Year holidays fall over a Saturday and Sunday, support services to non-Premium users will to a large degree be unaffected as non-Premium support is not available over Saturday and Sunday. Premium support will continue as normal.

Please note that non-Premium support will not be available on 24 December and 31 December in the following markets:

Nordics, United States and International Markets

We would like to thank our customers and partners and wish everyone a prosperous new year!

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