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Technical Bulletin

22 Posts authored by: John Trigg

You can now download Qlik Sense 3.0 SR1 from the download site.  Release notes covering the fixed issues are attached to this post.


Please note that we are only delivering a complete installer with this SR. We are not including an update install.  The complete installer will run against any prior version of Qlik Sense and replace the installation with a Qlik Sense 3.0.1 installation, ensuring that all data is migrated to this new version.


Thank you for your continued support

Today we published service release 6 (SR6) for Qlik Sense 2.0.  This SR includes fixes to an array of issues detailed in the release notes that you can find attached to this post.  This service release is not for any installations of Qlik Sense 2.1.  You can download the SR6 update or the full Qlik Sense 2.0.6 installation package on the Qlik download site

This SR does not include a corresponding delivery of the Qlik Sense Desktop. If you are currently using a 2.0.x version of Desktop, you will currently be receiving warning messages about its expiration at the end of this month. All 2.0.x versions of Sense Desktop expire on December 31. At this point it is more important to switch to the 2.1.1 version of Sense Desktop for uninterrupted usage, and be able to take advantage of new features introduced with the 2.1.1 release.

Today we are publishing service release 5 (SR5) for Qlik Sense 2.0.  This SR includes fixes to an array of issues detailed in the release notes that you can find attached to this post.  This service release is not for any installations of Qlik Sense 2.1.  You can download the SR5 update or the full Qlik Sense 2.0.5 installation package on the Qlik download site

Today we are publishing service release 4 (SR4) for Qlik Sense 2.0.  This SR includes fixes to an array of issues detailed in the release notes that you can find attached to this post.  This service release is not for any installations of Qlik Sense 2.1.  You can download the SR4 update or the full Qlik Sense 2.0.4 installation package on the Qlik download site

We are pleased to make Qlik Sense 2.0, SR3 available on our download site. This service release delivers a number of fixes for Qlik Sense 2.0 that can be found in the attached release notes.  As of Qlik Sense 2.0 SR2, this service release can be installed on top of an existing 2.0.x installation using the UPDATE file (qlik_sense_update.exe) from the download. If you are installing Qlik Sense 2.0 for the first time you can use the FULL INSTALL (qlik_sense_setup.exe) file from the download site.


More information can be found on this blog post about the use of the standard Windows update procedures Qlik Sense 2.0 now follows.

Today we have made available Service Release 2 for Qlik Sense 2.0 (2.0.2) on our download site.  The SR includes various bug fixes for Sense 2.0, and also takes advantage of a new update capability for installing SR's.  You will see TWO Qlik Sense 2.0 SR2 installers on the download site.

  • Qlik_Sense_setup is the full install of Qlik Sense Enterprise. Use this where Qlik Sense 2.0.1 is not currently installed. In this instance Qlik Sense 2.0.2 will become your BASELINE Qlik Sense installation.
  • Qlik_Sense_update is just the SR update for the baseline Qlik Sense Enterprise. It will apply the updates included in SR2 to an existing Qlik Sense 2.0.1 installation. In this instance we call the 2.0.1 installation the BASELINE.

The update is installed as a package that you can manage on your system via Windows (Control Panel > Programs & Features > Installed Updates).  Each update that is applied against a baseline release is listed and can be managed thru Windows (i.e. rolled back). When you rollback an update, the Sense installation goes back to the latest set of installed updates (e.g. rollback of the SR2 update will take your installation back to the baseline 2.0.1 release).

Each update is cumulative so that you can move from Sense 2.0.2 to Sense 2.0.4 & get the fixes that were delivered with 2.0.3 without having explicitly installed it.


Note that this update capability is only available on the SERVICE RELEASE track (see here for our Qlik Sense Maintenance Release policies)


(Please note that the HELP site is in the process of being updated with 2.0.2 content and will be refreshed by Tuesday (July 21).

John Trigg

QlikView 11 GA Now Posted

Posted by John Trigg Nov 23, 2011

And so QlikView 11 arrives!  We've been putting the release thru the final stages of testing and today we are pleased to release the QlikView 11 to our customers & partners.  QlikView 11 unveils brand new capabilities against 5 key themes.  If you haven't had a chance to attend a local event or see this before, this video, presented by our CTO Anthony Deighton, lifts the lid on the themes and major capabilities of QlikView 11.


Everyone here at QlikTech is very excited about what this release represents in advancing how you, our customers and partners, can use QlikView.  We'd like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the beta program for QlikView 11.  Your feedback has been invaluable to the delivery of QlikView 11 and allowing us to chart more ways forward.  We'll be moving some of the content from the beta community into the full QlikCommunity in the coming days.


From all of the QlikView 11 team, thanks for your continued use and support of QlikView.  We hope you enjoy QlikView 11. To download, visit our QlikView Download Site.



The QlikView R&D and Products Team

You can find the announcement about this new feature of QlikCommunity and details of how to use it in this Community Corner post 'QlikCommunity Ideas'. Our great Community Manager, Jason Long, has even put together a snappy video to walk you thru the steps of creating an Idea and how to add your thoughts to someone else's idea.  For us on the Product Management side we are excited that this is a single location for all Community members to contribute Ideas and thoughts on those of others. We'll respond where appropriate and look to watch trends and thoughts as we go into product planning cycles. 


But Ideas is about generating enhancement suggestions using the collective voice of the community. Some Ideas will take off and gain broad attention and support. Others may face demotion.  In the case of the latter, do not be discouraged.  What may start off as one Idea may spawn other insights and perspectives that you may not have originally had.


Please remember that this Ideas area of QlikCommunity is for suggesting product improvements and not for requesting helping in solving a particular business problem with QlikView.  It is quite likely that in solving a problem with your current version of QlikView that you can generate an Idea to simplify the current approach. Give your community members examples of why and how your Idea can be put to good use.  Simple statements such as 'Add a flag to turn off feature XYZ' will not gain much support if your fellow community members dont see the value or application of the Idea.


For those of you who submitted enhancement requests thru the Feature Request form in the old QlikCommunity, note that we have not imported those into Ideas.  As direct Community Member to Product Manager entries you may have formatted/worded them in a way that was not necessarily suited to viewing in Ideas. Similarly we've not brought entries from 3rd party community sites, such as LinkedIn, into this site. But we do have them in our back end system. Our intention is to keep and manage these requests with the input from QlikCommunity Ideas as we go forward.


OK. So 'Ready-Steady-Go!' ... there are over 800 Ideas already out there, so plenty to peruse, comment and vote on (we've preserved all of the submission & voting records of those who were able to participate in the SalesForce Ideas portal).


Happy Idea-er-ing ()


QlikView Product Management Team

John Trigg

Idea Transition

Posted by John Trigg Jul 14, 2011

As part of the relaunch of QlikCommunity this Spring, we touted a new capability called Ideas.  A facility where QlikCommunity participants can share ideas for product enhancements, see the suggestions of others, add views and indicate support by casting a supporting (or descenting) vote. As part of that launch we are busy seeding the QlikCommunity database with the content generated over the last couple of years by contributors in the SalesForce Portal.  Today we are closing the SalesForce Idea portal to any new contributions (including votes and comments) as we aim to complete the data transition into QlikCommunity.  For this SFDC based content we are preserving all names, votes, comments and ensuring its attributed correctly to your QlikCommunity profile.


The QlikCommunity Ideas portal will be rolled out later this summer and will be open to everyone who is a registered QlikCommunity user.  We think you'll find a lot of energy and kindred spirits for your own suggestions.  We'll be announcing and demo'ing the capabilities as we near the roll out so stay tuned.  And thanks for all of the great contributions to date.



QlikView Product Team

Following the report of issues with Publisher tasks have dates reset, we have today reissued QlikView 10 SR3.  This instance (build 9055) REPLACES the original instance on the download site. Accordingly the release notes and bug fix QVW have also been replaced.


Thank you for your patience in this matter



QlikView Product & R&D Teams

Today we have posted Service Release 3 (SR3) for QlikView 10 to our download site.  As well as updates to address bugs, this service release includes support for QlikView on Android based tablets, expanding deployment options for mobile clients. As with our recent announcement of our browser based support on iPads, QlikView on Android based tablets is via the browser and QlikView AJAX client.  This allows your QlikViews to be used on both desktop and mobile browsers across a wider array of devices.


Full detail of the fixes and updates included in 10SR3 can be found in the attached release notes and bug list QVW



QlikView Product & R&D Teams

John Trigg

QlikView 11 Beta Available

Posted by John Trigg Jun 24, 2011

Today we are unveiling the QlikView 11 Beta program for all customer and partners.  If you are in one of these two groups, you will find a new community has been opened to you - the QlikView 11 Beta Community (check the Places dialog on your QlikCommunity home page). community.PNG


Inside the QlikView 11 Beta Community you will find access to the QlikView 11 software, helpful documents on getting started with the new QlikView 11 features, notices about related events and webinars, and channels to share your thoughts and examples with other community members.  The Beta community is also monitored by QlikTech employees from across a range of disciplines and they will be sharing their thoughts, insights and experiences as well.


We look forward to hearing from you about your QlikView 11 experiences.



QlikView Products & R&D Teams

Today we are making available QlikView 10 Service Release 2 (SR2). This latest update to QlikView 10 delivers fixes to long list of issues as well as some important updates to QlikView functionality


  • QlikView for iPad. The new Ajax based touch client is now released for immediate use with the iPad. Learn more about what you can do with QlikView on iPad here.
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). The latest version of Microsoft's internet browser is supported with QlikView 10 SR2. The attached release notes detail any outstanding areas of QlikView where IE9 support is not at 100%
  • The QlikView Server Ajax interface is now prepared for localization (single language per install)
  • Small Business Edition (SBE) users can now create server bookmarks, for personal use. These cannot be shared with other users.


QlikView 10 SR2 can now be downloaded from our download site. The release notes for SR2 are attached below. As always we recommend review of the contents of this document as you prepare your upgrade to this service release.


The QlikView Product Teams

Service Release 7 has been released for QlikView 9.0 today and can now be downloaded from the QlikView download center. The list of fixes in this service release and upgrade considerations is detailed in the attached release notes. Please review the special note about upgrading from any Service Release earlier than SR5 and apply accordingly.


QlikView Product Team

Today we have released QlikView 10 service release 1 (build number 8811). This service release includes a large number of fixes across all products. As always we recommend reviewing the release notes (attached to this post) for the list of fixed bugs, and also for known issues that may affect your implementation.


QlikView Product Team



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